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etrailer eDream RV Bunk Bed Mattress Review

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Review of the etrailer eDream RV Bunk Bed Mattress

What's up everybody, it's AJ with Today, we're gonna be checking out the etrailer eDream RV Bunk Mattress. Now, it's gonna be made out of foam, could have fit right here in your bunk, and give you a little bit more mattress than you had before than one of just those mats. Let's check it out. When looking at mattresses, comfort's gonna probably be the number one thing you're worried about. Once you figure out if it fits in your bunk or not, you wanna make sure it's comfortable enough to sleep on, or whoever's gonna sleep on it, isn't gonna have any issues.

Comparing this one to the some of the other ones we've worked with, the Teddy Bear style are gonna be a lot thinner, so there's not as much cushion or mattress. So, it kind of just feels like a mat that's over here. They work but it's not the most comfortable. But then, there's also the etrailer eDream fiber ones, and those feel a lot more like a futon mattress. Have you ever slept on a fold out couch or something So, not 100% a regular mattress.

This is gonna feel and give you that more at home mattress feel when you're laying on it. Measuring is gonna be an important part of this process, 'cause you wanna make sure the mattress is gonna fit in your bunk area. We've gone around in the parking lot today, looked at some other RVs to try and get this mattress to fit and it didn't. This is the only one we got to fit because bunk sizes aren't standardized. It's not like a queen size mattress, you know what size that is, everybody accepts that size, that's well known.

These bunks aren't the same way. You wanna get something that's gonna fit as close as possible to the space you have. So this mattress here is gonna be 73 inches long, 28 inches wide, and then five inches tall. And we got it to fit in our space on a rig here today, but even then there's a little bit of gap up here, upfront. But, as long as it fits the side to side and it's proof that's as close as we we're gonna get with the sizes available.

Overall, I think it's a good bunk mattress. You know, my expectations weren't super high with it just because it is a bunk. I've slept in those before. It's just a little bit of cushion's fine, it's better than sleeping on just like the wooden bottom. But, this one actually has as close, it comes as close as it can to a regular mattress. You can see how much it sticks up. That's how much cushion it has and laying on it isn't bad at all. I kinda like it. Now, how hard is it to get set up in your rig It's not bad at all. You're just gonna unbox it. It's gonna come all coiled up. You'll bring it in here and let it inflate. In fact, follow me. I'll show you how we did it. Once you take it out the box, it's gonna be compressed and rolled up like this. Now, yours is probably gonna be a little more compressed and shrink wrapped in there, but we had to take it and get pictures before this. So, ours was just wrapped up with some cellophane here, but it's gonna be the same way. So you're gonna go over here, walk it right in, set it in place, and then we'll lay it out. And this one's gonna be a little bit different for us just because like I said before, ours has already been opened and it got the air got to it so it expanded. But yours is gonna have plastic around it, so it's gonna be a little bit easier to roll it out. And then you probably wanna rip that plastic by hand, so that the air gets to it and it expands like it's supposed to. What we're gonna do is just cut these straps, so it folds out. Again, it's gonna be a little bit of aggressive for us to do it just because it's already got the air in there. So I got the scissors here, and then cut the back. like that. And then, we'll do this one next. So, that's not too bad. And now, I'll roll it out into place. At this point, you just gotta let the air get to it, so it expands like it's supposed to do. We're just gonna leave it for about 24 hours and it should do that process. But that's about it, it's that easy from box to bed. You got it all set up. Thanks for hanging out and hope this helped..

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