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etrailer eDream RV Mattress Review

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Review of the etrailer eDream RV Mattress

Adam: What's going on everybody Adam with etrailer. Today we're going to be taking a look at the eDream inner spring RV mattress. when it comes to the eDream mattress series, we're going to have options. We're going to have our regular one here and that's just going to be our good version of this mattress. We're going to have the better one, which is going to be our Deluxe mattresses, and then we're going to have the best and that's going to be the Supreme. All of them are going to come in some sizes.

We're going to have king, king short, queen and queen short. When it comes to mattresses, obviously we want them to be comfortable. This one definitely does that even though it is the standard good version of our mattress here. We actually do have some springs on the bottom section of this mattress and that will, that's what really made it expand like it did, but we're also going to have a Euro-top on top here.It's going to be this little section right here and it's just going to have a little bit of foam and a little bit of cotton, just to give you that more comfortable feel. It's not just the springs you're sitting on and to be honest, I really can't feel the springs.

Usually with spring mattresses I can, but since this is an RV mattress, they really thought about that when designing it and I can't really feel those springs. When it comes to comfort, I'd definitely give it a thumbs up. All right, we're going to do some tests. I thought it'd be fun to, mimic those commercials that you guys may have seen with those mattresses where they put a glass of wine on one edge of the bed and then drop a big old weight on the other side just to see if it's going to move. Sounds like fun.

We're going to do it for all the line of these mattresses.First, we're going to just drop a 25-pound weight on there just to see what kind of movement we have throughout the different tiers of quality and also got some water. I'm going to put that on the edge, drop this and see what happens.In regards to the tests, obviously as we go from the good to the better and the best, we're going to have less air time with that weight meaning with the Supreme as we dropped it, it didn't really come up near as high as the Deluxe and of course just the basic eDream mattress. The eDream mattress actually bottomed out, which wasn't necessarily great. Hopefully that helped you guys figure it out. Also, with the water test, obviously Supreme did fantastic and so did the Deluxe, but the eDream basic mattress did spill a little bit of water.

Hopefully those tests help you guys get a visual on what these mattresses are going to offer you. All in all, I definitely would say that this is going to be your basic entry level mattress from eDream, so it would be great for your kiddos or especially just if you're only planning on going on a couple of trips during the year, you're not really going to be sleeping on this mattress a whole lot.I definitely think it's going to get the job done. But if you guys plan on traveling a lot, you've got to remember around 30% of your time when you're on a trip, you're going to be sleeping. So, I would highly recommend grabbing one of the maybe higher- end, maybe the Deluxe or the Supreme, just because you're going to be spending quite a bit of time on the mattress. The mattress didn't just magically appear here. We had to obviously, bring it through our RV door and a lot of the times it's not necessarily the most wide-open channel to get back here. We we're doing it earlier, brought it in with hardly any issues at all. We're going to go ahead and go over that with you now. Luckily, this is how our mattress is going to come in the box, so I highly suggest keeping it like this until we get it into the inside of our RV.Whenever cutting this plastic off of our new mattress, we just want to make sure that you guys use a safety blade. This way it's just going to have this non-sharp side up against our mattress. We just don't want to cut it. Again, it's brand new and on top of that this thing does pop open like a can of biscuits. Just, be wary of that and just make sure that the whole area is clear and you're prepared for it to pop open. Do your best not to really get into the material of the mattress while you're doing it. Just be mindful of that, whenever you're opening up your mattress. It's spring-loaded. Once it's all expanded and in into place, just put it where you want it, but we're not really ready to sleep on it yet. We are going to wait about 24 hours for it to completely decompress, and then we can go ahead and put some sheets on it and enjoy the mattress.Well, 24 hours later and the eDream mattress, it regained its shape after we took it out of the packaging. One thing to note, you guys we're wondering about the smell. With the Deluxe and the Supreme, we didn't really get that gross smell that I think you guys are talking about. With this one, it's definitely a different smell. It's not going to linger. We've had this mattress in here and it hasn't really stank up the whole entire RV. But honestly a clean set of sheets and maybe a week or two of using it is going to get rid of that. You're not going to be able to smell it all that much. So, don't let that veer you away from the eDream mattress. But other than that, that's pretty much all there is to know about the etrailer eDream RV mattress. I'm Adam with

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