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etrailer eDream Supreme RV Mattress Review

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Review of the etrailer eDream Supreme RV Mattress

Adam: What's going on, everybody Adam with etrailer. Today, we're going to be taking a look at the eDream Supreme RV Mattress.We are going to have a lot of options when it comes to these eDream mattresses. We're going to have one that's just going to be the good, basic-level mattress, and then we're going to go a step up. That's going to be the better one. It's going to be the Deluxe. And then, we're going to have the best of them all, and that's the one you see here.

This is going to be the Supreme.With all three different quality types of the eDream series, we're going to have four different sizes. We're going to have king, king short, queen and queen short.So with our Supreme mattress, it's going to be a hybrid between two different types of mattresses. We are going to have a pocket coil on the inside of the mattress, but we're also going to have a gel memory foam on both of the sides.And that's just going to be extremely helpful, especially when you don't really want to wake up your significant other. Or even if the kiddos are sleeping in with you, as you get up and get out, it's not really going to shift that side of the mattress that much compared to your traditional mattresses.So that's definitely going to be a plus for me, just because I try to leave them sleeping when they're sleeping peacefully and I usually get up quite a bit during the night.And if you guys do go with the Supreme mattress, we're going to have one side. It's going to be the plush side, and it's going to be a little bit softer than the other side.

If you are one that kind of likes a stiffer bed whenever you sleep, we can actually flip this over, it's dual-sided, and we can sleep on the other end, and that might be more comfortable for you.And this, of course, is the firm side. It is noticeably firmer compared to the more plush side. But again, it all just depends on what your guys' preference is.When it comes to me, when I buy a mattress, if I can use both sides, awesome, it's definitely a plus. But this way, I actually have options, so one side's not going to be the same as the other. And I think that's definitely going to give this one a thumbs up from me, just so I can sleep on them a couple nights and figure out what my body likes best.All right, we're going to do some tests.

I thought it would be kind of fun to kind of mimic those commercials that you guys may have seen with those mattresses, where they put a glass of wine on one edge of the bed and then drop a big old weight on the other side, just to see if it's going to move. Sounds like fun, so we're going to do it for all the line of these mattresses.First, we're going to just drop a 25 pound weight on there, just to see what kind of movement we have throughout the different tiers of quality. And also, got some water. We're going to put that on the edge, drop this, and see what happens. Test.

Drop test. inaudible 00:02:48 sec. There we go. Adam: So in regard to the tests, obviously as we go from the good to the better and the best, we're going to have less air time with that weight, meaning with the Supreme, as we dropped it, it didn't really come up near as high as the Deluxe, and of course, just the basic eDream mattress. The eDream mattress actually bottomed out, which wasn't necessarily great. So hopefully, that kind of helped you guys figure it out.Also, with the water test, obviously, Supreme did fantastic and so did the Deluxe, but the eDream basic mattress did spill a little bit of water. Hopefully, those tests kind of helped you guys get a visual on what these mattresses are going to offer you.So we just went over the Supreme mattress. I do think this is going to be ideal for you guys who are full-timers or spend a lot of time in your RV. Yes, it's the premium option for these eDream mattresses, but I can tell you, you can definitely feel the difference.And we have options too with this one, so I definitely think that, just with the options, and of course, just the comfort that you get with the more premium option, you guys are spending more than a couple weekends in your RV, I definitely suggest to get the Supreme option RV mattress.In my opinion, just having those options to do either the plush side or the firm side, whoever you may be bringing with you, you can ask them. You guys can flip it whenever you guys need, just to make sure that your passengers are also just as comfortable as you guys.So that's just my two cents on it. If you guys are planning on having a great summer this summer and you need a new mattress, I say, just go with the Supreme.So this mattress didn't just magically show up in here. We did have to bring it in, but it wasn't this big when we did. It comes rolled up in the box, so we're going to suggest to you guys to just bring it in through the door before you cut off all that other stuff. But we're about to do all that and show you guys right now.Well, this is the Supreme. It's extremely heavy, so I suggest grabbing a friend, and of course, not opening up until we get it where we need it.Now that we have it where we want it, then we can go ahead and actually take our knife out and cut this plastic off. Just be mindful though, it is a lot of mattress in there. So as we release that tension, you'll see how it's really going to want to start to expand. And just be as easy as you can with it, so we don't rip or cut the actual material itself.But as we start doing it, as you can see, it's going to really come at us, so just be mindful of that. Just like that. Just be mindful of it. But now, she's pretty much open and ready to go, so we can get it back into place, kind of like this. We are going to have to let this thing sit out for a while as it fully expands.All righty. 24 hours later, everything's all expanded. One thing you guys we're wondering about is the smell. Apparently, with some of these RV mattresses, they have a little stench to them and since this RV isn't huge, maybe it was going to stink up the whole place. It didn't.We actually have two of them in here left overnight, and I don't smell anything. When I go and smell the mattress, it's pretty much just a new mattress smell. Once you throw some clean sheets on there after the 24 hours of it expanding, you should be good. I don't think we'll have any issues there.But last night, what we did, we set up a GoPro and did a time-lapse video, just so you guys can see how much it does expand, so we're going to go ahead and show you that.So as you guys can see, as I undo the plastic around the mattress, it expands extremely quickly, and about 90% of the expanding process happens within the first five to 10 minutes of me unwrapping the mattress.But as you guys can see, over time, that expanding process does slow down, but it is still expanding. So after that 24 hours, you guys should be a-okay to start throwing some sheets on it, making it pretty, and then have a nice nap.Other than that, that's pretty much all there really is to know about the etrailer eDream Supreme RV Mattress, and I'm Adam with etrailer.

Questions and Comments about this Video

How does this compare to the factory mattress?
Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

That really depends on what you're getting with your factory mattress. Some factory mattresses will be more like the standard eDream mattress where some will be more like the Supreme. You'll want to determine what came with your RV/travel trailer and compare that to what we go over in this video.

Reply from John

@JonG it says Denver Mattress on the tag. How does it compare to that?

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

@John We actually carry both of those mattresses so I'm glad that's what you have! Ultimately we have found that the eDream Supreme # e77FR is better than all of the Denver mattresses. I'm attaching a review video of the Denver Mattress Luxe # DE88ZR where if you jump to the 12 minute mark you can see how we compare the Denver line of mattresses with the eDream line. This part of the video is pretty casual so you can get a good look at what our team thinks about both lines.

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