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etrailer Extendable Hitch Mounted Step Review

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Review of the etrailer Extendable Hitch Mounted Step

Hello neighbors, it's Brad here at Etrailer and today we're taking a look at the Etrailer Extendable Hitch step for two inch hitches. Being extendable allows us to have our step platform outside of even a folded down tailgate. So it makes it super easy to get in and out of the back of your truck without really having to climb up. And the best part about it is, is when you're done with it you can actually put it back in and swing it away and it's gonna store nice as well. Now there's two settings. When it's retracted, it's about 18 inches from the center of the hitch pin hole to the end of the platform.

So if I just need to hop in the truck to grab something quick outta the bed, no problem. But if I need to put my tailgate down I can extend this out and it's gonna be about 25 inches. So that's really gonna be great for when that tailgate's down. It's still gonna extend past that, so not only for your truck, also gonna work well for an SUV. So if you have a spare tire on your vehicle and you're trying to gain access to your roof, no problem at all.

It's gonna extend out far enough for you to be able to get around that tire. Now a traditional fixed step may work well for certain applications. I can still kind of pop in the back of the bed to grab some stuff but as soon as I go to head to lower my tailgate down I can't really use it. It doesn't work for me because the tailgate blocks it. And also in the meantime, this is just gonna be a nice little obstacle to catch your shins on.

Now this has a weight rating of 500 pounds, so even with it fully extended, it can easily support my weight. And if I'm carrying anything out of the bed and holding it while stepping on the platform it still should be able to hold that weight as well. Now our platform here is gonna be nine and a quarter by five and an eighth. So it's plenty easy to be able to get a full foot on there. I was even able to get both of my feet on here.

And you also have this non-slip surface here so even if you have wet or muddy feet you're gonna have a sure grip here which kind of is a little bit better than stepping on the bumper here and hoping not slip off. This is gonna hold you not only to your weight but keep you from slipping. So with our black powder coat finish here as well as a zinc coating, the steel construction is gonna hold up long term to any of those elements. So even if you keep this on your vehicle out in the elements it's not gonna get rusty or corroded over time. Now, pin and clip is not included with this so you're gonna wanna pick one of those up. And we have plenty of locking ones available here at Etrailer. And that way when you have this in place, you can lock it in and no one's gonna walk away with your hitch step. And the last thing I really have to say about this is it's really easy to use. You just have two knobs for your extending and retracting and you just simply pull that out. And once you have that pulled out you can just push this along. It's gonna snap in place so you know it's actually locked in. It's not gonna become loose. Same with extending, it's gonna lock that so you know you're in the right spot. It's not gonna move once you have that in the position. As far as swinging it away, you're gonna push the knob up then it's also gonna lock that in place so that's not gonna become loose over time. And that was a look at the Etrailer extendable step for two inch hitches.

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