etrailer Floor Mats Review - 2014 Toyota Prius v

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Review of the etrailer Floor Mats on a 2014 Toyota Prius v

Hi everyone. It's Adan here with And today we're going to be taking a look at the etrailer cargo area protector on our 2014 Toyota Prius V. Now this is going to be great for a number of things whether you're on a road trip, you've got your dog in the back. You need a good place for them to stay where they're not going to shuttle over the carpet or scratch the back of your seat or the bumper when they're getting in or maybe you've got muddy gear, you're going hiking. You've got those muddy boots and you just need a good place to store them when you get back.

This cover, you can toss them in there kind of folded in on itself. Keep that mess contained. And when you're done, just take it off, hose it off and you're good to go. And it's really easy to get set up. The whole thing uses hook and loop right here and at the top there to basically join this three piece design together.

We've got this first piece down here, which like I said is going to protect the bumper of your vehicle. So when you've got your pets coming in, their nails aren't going to scratch on the bumper and on your Prius. It's going to actually cover most of it here. On certain vehicles, It doesn't fit the best. Sometimes it only gets partial coverage because the back hatch is so long but here it fits really well.

And like I said, it's just two strips that hook and loop here to get that undone. And when you're done with it, just kind of fold it up and we can set it aside for now. You'll probably fold it up a little bit nicer than I am right now, but now we can kind of see here, we've got our main piece here. This is going to be the part that covers the majority of your cargo area. The whole thing is going to be made of this nice polyester material.

It's going to be waterproof. And on the bottom, it's got this kind of grippy material. So if you do have a pet back here or something where it's maybe shifting around while it does move a little bit, it's not going to move a whole lot. It's going to really protect this area, make sure it's not shifting around all the time. And I really liked that. So coming into the back here, we'll take apart this main area. This one's going to have three hook and loop strips two on the side and one in the middle. And then same thing as we did last time. We'll just go ahead and kind of fold it up real quick to show it in its stored position. I really like that. You know, you can tear this down pretty quick and easy because you don't have to leave it on all the time. This car has a pretty nice cargo area protector in it already. But you know, if you never know when you need something like this, if you're going to the hardware store, picking up a load of molt or soil, those bags rip open all the time. And if you can just keep that mess on a cargo protector like this, where you can fold it down on itself. Take that mess out of the car and then clean it up outside. There's less risk of it's kind of spilling over or getting some more in the car. Now this last piece here is how it's going to primarily attach to your vehicle. You've got these two bands that are elastic, and we'll go over the headrests of your second row. Now in some vehicles, this does kind of sag down a bit. But what we did is just kind of tucked it under the headrest there, and that keeps it up and off the ground and keeps it from sagging, and it gets a pretty good fit. And the nice thing again is it's really quick and easy to attach or detach. We'll fold up this final piece right here, and just get it in a nice stack with the other pieces here. This is really compact with something like this mat it's really rigid and you're kind of stuck with that form unless you want to roll it up and risk kind of deforming it. This one that folds up really nice and we can keep it for later. So on your Prius here, we've got a great spot to store it right underneath for whenever we need it next time. I think that makes it a really great option for your car to protect that cargo area. And you have it when you need it. Again, my name is Adan here with etrailer. Thanks for watching..

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