etrailer Floor Mats Review - 2017 Jeep Cherokee

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Review of the etrailer Floor Mats on a 2017 Jeep Cherokee

AJ: What's up everybody It's AJ with Today, we're going to be checking out the etrailer cargo area protector on our 2017 Jeep Cherokee. It's going to be an awesome way to keep all that dirt and stuff out of your vehicle and onto a cover. You just lay this out. Let's say you load up some stuff from you just got back from the beach or you went hiking and you got muddy gear, you can throw it back here, you don't have to worry about getting everywhere on the interior of your vehicle. And when you're done, you just take it out, shake it out, and all that mess stays outside.

I like it much better outside than in the carpets, and then I have to vacuum. And I'm not all about that.Also great for if you have pets. It protects the bumper and the threshold. Most of the time you would expect the coverage would be here on the inside, but it's actually out here, so when your pup goes to jump up, it's not going to scratch your bumper up or anything like that trying to get in. Once they're inside, the cover is going to stay in place as they move around.

I'll try and move it with my hands. You see it doesn't slide back and forth. It's not going to be more annoying or a nuisance than a normal cover would be.It attaches with these loops that go around the headrest. That keeps this upright and protecting the back of your seat, along with your cargo area. It comes in three different sections that connect via hook and loop.

You just easily detach them like that. You probably don't want that one hanging down while you're going down the road, so you can take that one off once the pup's inside. Fold that in. Fold it as we go. Same with the center section.

You got three strips of hook and loop, keeps it nice and secure. You'll probably fold it better than I did. Then the last section is the same way. You just got to undo the loops from the headrest. Fold it up much the same, and now you see it doesn't take up all that much space. If you just want to store down here, where your spare tire would be, it's out of sight, out of mind. Well, I think that does it. I hope this helped.

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