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etrailer Hitch Cargo Carrier Review - 2021 Honda Odyssey

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Review of the etrailer Hitch Cargo Carrier on a 2021 Honda Odyssey

Hey, everybody. Welcome to I'm Bobby and today we're taking a look at the etrailer cargo carrier here on our 2021 Honda Odyssey. Now, if you're looking a way of really expanding that cargo space, you know, this is starting to get crowded with all the kids, you ever wanna keep the snacks in the back, get those heavier items out of the car, this can be a great solution. As you can see, getting pretty wide base here to get most of our cargo needs. With a 500 pound capacity it's definitely gonna be doing a good job of getting most of everything that we already have in our vehicle outta there and on to the back.

Taking a look, I'm not the biggest fan how this guy doesn't have a reflector. So if you want to, you can definitely pick up an extra kit at and throw it on. I just think it's very helpful especially being kind of so low profile and black it might be hard for people to pick this up. So just putting some reflectors to let them know where we're at, can definitely be helpful. But it's by no means a necessity.

Taking a look at the grid itself, you can see, we are getting some nice little contact points throughout our cargo carrier as well as nice kinda like diamond pattern on the inside here. Now the only issues I might see, with a little water buildup, is maybe on the inside of the shank here just sitting here just a little bit. However, I think it has a pretty good rise so I don't think any water is really gonna build up. Makes it really easy to clean this out too. Maybe you have some heavy equipment too, maybe the kids are into sports so we have any kinda like muds or anything, any kind of dirt buildup that's getting on our items, can be really easy to throw 'em on here, keep 'em out of the vehicle and that way we can gently wash them off later with no trouble at all.

Couple of things I wanna point out is our clearance in this position. Keep in mind as those front wheels go up, the back will go down. To the end of our mount here, putting this right at 14 3/4. So gonna be doing a pretty good job of being well enough outta the way. Just, you know, if you've any steep driveways or anything crazier going over I would definitely be careful of that.

You can see this guy sits pretty far from our Odyssey as well. Looks like we're sitting at at about 14 1/4 inches there or maybe about 14 3/8 there to the back of our cargo. And our Odyssey and all the way from the back of our bumper to the end of our cargo carrier is gonna put us right at 40 inches. So that's definitely something to keep in consideration, with our Odyssey already somewhat of a long vehicle. However, especially when we're going on long road trips we're probably gonna do a lot of highway driving, not gonna be that big of a deal for ourselves. One thing I wanted to get to is these internal dimensions for ourselves. So on the inside to the other side looking at right at 5 feet there so 60 inches, right underneath 60 inches there for that internal dimension and at right about 2 feet there so 24 inches internally going that way for our length and right at 5 1/2 inches for our depth, can do a good job. All this dimension should fit most of our cargo needs. Now, one thing to keep in mind with our Odyssey is where our exhaust is. Now fortunately for us, as you saw, we are pretty far away from it. It's also on that passenger side with that exhaust system so I don't think we would have any issue at all with that exhaust especially with how it's oriented. However, if it's something that concerns you, just make sure we're keeping our heat-sensitive items onto the other side. But again, with so much space between it, definitely don't think we're gonna have any issues. And one thing I do like about that space too, not that gonna have too many issues with our tail lights being blocked. Now if you are getting a lot of cargo in here, might have a little bit of an issue, you can pick up a separate light kit from However, with our subset, don't think we're gonna have too many issues today. One thing I do wanna point out is our break over point. Now I've already gone ahead and measured it about 21 inches or so. But I wanted to give you guys a quick little look here to see where, if we had our cargo stacked, where we'd be breaking over. Oh and I messed it up there for you guys. Slowly bring it back down here in a second. But it is 21 inches so if you have any cargo kind of stacked up in here, you can see, that is where our breakover point is gonna be. Right at there. So, just something to keep in mind, almost 2 feet of clearance, definitely gonna be something that we're not too worried about. However, this rack really starts showing you a lot of capabilities. This carrier does a great job for host of different things. And one of them being, it can actually tilt away. So I wanna go ahead and remove these pins here and then all I wanna do, take a little bit of that weight off of that pin and as you can see, that's actually gonna tilt it down. That's really gonna extend a lot of that break over point. I don't think we actually have that many issues here. Yep. As you can see, most of our cargo gonna be well and up out of the way there. Maybe if we're getting up to here, but if we're doing that, we have bigger worries to actually worry about. So go ahead and close that, guys. As you guys can see, gonna be a lot of fun to get these pins in order. All we gotta do though is bring this up, set 'em in place like so and that guy is nice and secured there. Go ahead and throw this guy on as well. Another one great thing with it too, we can actually go ahead and fold this up in this position. I just wanted show you guys how quick and easy those pins are to use if you don't drop 'em. Another great thing about it though, that length that we talked about is kind of an issue but we do have a way of shortening that down quite a bit. Go ahead and change that pin out, bring 'em up in it's standing position and then reinserting our pin like so and with just a little jostle here we can really find that pin. If I get my eyes on the other side, I can see that it's doing a good job. I might have the wrong pin. Oh, there we go. A little WD-40 can go long way too. As these guys sit in the studio they get a little harder and harder each use. As you can see, pretty easy to replace that. I do like this position. It does kinda stay here pretty well. You are getting a little bit of play and I think we would be feeling this a little bit as we get on the road. But I don't think it's gonna be anything too crazy. Let me go ahead and reinsert this guy as well just so that we have it nice secure on the back here. So really like that tilting feature, as you can see, really gonna save us a lot of length. We'll go ahead from the underside here, try to get that back bumper to the very end, gonna put us right at 15 inches. So shaving down a ton of length, already with 25 inches that's about 2 feet that we save. Now we can get this in the garage and especially if we need a lot more maneuverability whether we're at the and we have everything moved or the trails, wherever. Definitely nice that we get a lot of maneuverability with this cargo carrier. Now that does bring us to our receiver though on the underside here. And as you can see, we are gonna have a two inch receiver. And what's great about this guy, we already go ahead and throw on the etrailer hitch pin alignment collar. Why that is great, this guy definitely a little bit more weighty than you might see as from at least aluminum cargo carriers out there. What's great about this as I lock this on and off every time, this collar is gonna go ahead and line up that hitch pin hole perfectly once I finally have this set of the first time. So every time I'm backing on and off it'll be right there for me, less time on my hands and knees. I really like that. And at the end here, so you can see, we do have an included anti-rattle threaded hitch bolt. And of course that's pretty standard for a lot of your hitch accessories but as you can see as I'm shaking this guy, it's shaking the entire vehicle. That's bringing all in line to one system and we're gonna take a lot of that play out so we're gonna feel it a lot less as we get on the road. Especially get heavier and heavier items on there, anything we can reduce to reduce that jostle and bounce is really gonna help us in the long term. Well, I think the etrailer cargo carrier does an excellent job. And one thing I really like about it is that tilting and folding capability. If we are having issues with that door allowing us to access the back of our hatch we just go ahead and tilt down that cargo, even while it's on there and get all access to the back of our Odyssey, which is always a great feature. And of course, you can see how much length, yes, that's adding. So nice that we can go ahead and collapse that down and just give us a little bit more maneuverability. And of course, it is gonna be holding up quite well for us for the years to come, as long as we treat that powder coat very nicely. Well, I think that about does it for our look at the etrailer cargo carrier here on our 2021 Honda Odyssey. I'm Bobby, thank you for watching. Tester Here on our test course we'll start by going through the slalom. This is gonna show us the side-to-side action. This simulates turning corners or evasively maneuvering. Once we get to the full speed bumps, we'll see the up-and-down action. This will be just like driving in and out of a parking lot, parking garage or a driveway. Once we get to the alternating speed bumps, we'll see the twisting action. This will simulate hitting a curb or pothole or driving over an uneven pavement..

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