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etrailer Kayak Tie-Down Kit Review

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Review of the etrailer Kayak Tie-Down Kit

Adam: What's going on, everybody Adam here with etrailer. Today, we're going to be taking a look at etrailer kayak strap kit. So if you're like me and you misplace stuff quite a bit, maybe you bought some J style carriers. They came with straps, but they're just somewhere and you don't know where they are. Well, this is going to pretty much give you every single strap that you need to strap down a kayak. So, if you lost them, we have the solution.What I really like about the strap kit, and yes, they're just straps, but we threw in a little bit of goodies for you.

So, if you have the cam buckle where it's maybe touching your vehicle or your kayak, whatever the setup may be, we have a little cover that goes over top of it. So it's going to keep that metal off of the metal of your car or off of the kayak itself.Also, with all the excess strap that we may have. I don't have a whole lot here, but we can keep all of it all confined here, so we don't have to wrap it around and tie it a bunch of times. It just gives it a nice clean look. Even our anchors have a nice, thick, thick, thick foam little insert on here.

So, this is just going to protect even the inside of your engine Bay or anything like that from getting all scratched up. So we think about you, how easy it's going to be to strap it down and also your equipment that you're going to be using to strap it down as well. So, let's just go ahead and take a look at all the components that you get with our kit.We have the whole entire strap kit laid out for you. Pretty much, what you're going to get is three separate little straps, but they all kind of go together. So, these right here are going to be around 13 feet in length, and they're going to connect to these here.

And these are going to be about 13 feet in length, and then we're going to have eight feet in length on these here. We also are going to get some anchors. So this is going to go in the back hatch or the trunk of your vehicle. And this is going to go underneath the hood to get to the bow and stern of your kayak nice and secured down.We're just going to go ahead and start tying down our kayak, and I'm going to start with the front. I utilize these little loops here for the kayak we have at the shop.

I just push one side through, pull it on through, and then I kind of just set my straps right here. And then I just need to pop the hood so I can get the anchor in place.Where we're going to put the anchor really just depends on what engine Bay you're really working with, and also how you have the kayak situated. Because if we put it a little too close, we might have a little too much strap for it. So, I'm usually just going to bring it as far forward as I can, put it underneath my air box, get it nice and secure there. And I really want it to be out of my view, not just mine, but also the passenger. So, once you get a little good spot, close your hood and try not to lose it in there, then pretty much just loop it around, just like we did up top, and then put it in our little buckle here. But I did not pull these tight until I have both of them in place. So be mindful of that. But just tight enough. Now we can go ahead and move the back.For the back of my Tahoe, it's a little different, and it's going to be different for each individual car. So, what I'm going to do is take the longer strap and pre-thread it through this little hole here. I'm going to try and keep it as even as possible on both sides. So, pretty much what this is going to do, once I get it on done. There we go. This is going to allow me to have this already done and I can put it in the back, and I line it up right with the kayak, and then we can shut it. And now our anchor is set in place.So, I'm just using both of the longer straps for the front and the back, but we are going to have the other, shorter straps, so if that works a little bit better for your vehicle and your kayak, go for it. We give you plenty of stuff to be able to tie it down.Another thing, I'm going to put it underneath my windshield wiper, just so I'm not putting pressure on that. And then, just like the front, push it through, and then get it nice and tightened down. So, now, with this one, we have the front already in place. The only thing we don't want to do is tighten them down to where the kayak is either leaning too far back or too far forward. So, we want to maybe go ahead and tighten this one down a little bit, and then we'll go to the front, tighten that one down a little bit, and then do the final tightening down of both of them whenever we're done.One thing I do like to do is take all the excess strap and we have these little pieces here. This will be perfect for putting that right there, just so it's not flapping around whenever we're going down the road, because that will do quite a bit of damage to your vehicle.I went ahead and tighten everything down and we are ready to go. So, that's pretty much it for our look at the etrailer kayak strap kit, and I'm Adam with etrailer.

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