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Review of the Replacement Keys

Colin: Hey, guys. Colin here at etrailer. And today, I'm going to show you guys a replacement part for your etrailer lock. This is just a set of two replacement keys for either your hitch locks, your coupler locks, maybe even your spare tire lock. Really anything that's just a pin style lock, and has this tumbler lock on top of it.Now, a lot of times if you misplace your keys or just happen to break it or just want some extra keys laying around, you can just go ahead and order some of these. You're going to get a quantity of two for every one you order.

And how you can tell that it's your correct number is on this page you can see an option to type in a key number. It's going to be a three digit number starting with a zero. So, right here we have 025. That's going to be the key number for this lock. We've already ordered the replacement for it.The key is going to operate just like the original did.

Never hurts to have a lot of extra sets of keys hanging around just in case you happen to lose them or break them. One thing I would suggest is that as soon as you get your new keys, or even just your original lock, write down your key number somewhere just in case you happen to lose it, and you can't find what key number you had. That way, if you need replacement keys, and you want to be able to get your ball mounts off of your hitch, you can go ahead and enter that key number into this product page and get the correct key for your lock.And overall, it's just a nice and easy way to make sure you don't have to replace your entire lock pin, and it's just an easy way to help make sure you have extra keys around.

Questions and Comments about this Video

Michelle K.
What if it's too late and you already lost the keys and you don't have the number would it be written maybe on the boxer manual?
Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

Depending on what specific lock you have you may be able to find the number on the face of the lock core where you insert the key. If there isn't a number there then your best bet is to cut the lock off and replace it.