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etrailer Round Pipe Mount Swivel Jack Review

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Review of the etrailer Round Pipe Mount Swivel Jack

Hello, neighbors. It's Brad here, at etrailer and today we're taking a look at the etrailer Round Pipe-Mounted Swivel Jack. Now this is a pretty solid jack and really you're gonna see that when it comes to the weight capacities. This one is rated at 3000 pounds for support. So it can hold quite a bit. And as far as lifting goes, 2000 pounds.

So, it's gonna be perfect for this teardrop camper and maybe even a little overkill but that's something that's not bad to have when you're supporting up your trailer. Now some jacks out there don't actually come with a foot plate and you have to pick that up separately. And a lot of 'em will pin in. This one's welded on, which is really nice. It keeps it all together.

And it's one less thing that you have to keep track of. Now, this is a top wind design, which is great for when you need to store this up it's gonna be a small footprint, but also winding it up is gonna be really easy. You have a 7 and 3/4 inch distance here. So just make sure you kind of take a look at the area that you're mounting it and that way you have clearance when raising and lowering. A really nice feature of this jack is the fact that it's a swivel jack.

So whenever you're hooked up to your vehicle and you're ready to hit the road, it's gonna be really easy to just wind this up a little bit, enough to where you have clearance to fold this up. So what that's gonna do is allow you to swing this in a store position, to where you have plenty of clearance and you don't have to worry about this making contact with the ground while going down the road. You also have this pin on the chain, which is really nice. It's gonna keep that attached. So it's always attached to your jack.

And when you're done towing, simple as pulling our pin out, letting this go down, aligning those holes vertically and then we just simply close it up. Now, installation is super easy. Just like moving it we'll just pull that pin out, and this slides off. Now, if you don't have this portion of the pipe welded onto your trailer, no problem, they actually include it in the kit. So you will have to find someone to be able to tack that on. Or maybe you have a welder at home, but once you have that on and you paint it, you're ready to go. Now, this is really nice because it has a relatively small footprint to store on our small trailer here, but it has 11 inches of lift. So when it is in the vertical position and raised up, we have plenty of space to get onto our ball mount. I also like that they have a zerk fitting installed here. So as far as maintenance goes, a little bit of grease is just gonna be one press away from being maintained, and really that's gonna be it. It's simple maintenance and you really don't have to worry about your jack too often. And that was a look at the etrailer Pipe-Mounted Swivel Jack..

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