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etrailer RV Cargo Review - 2017 Starcraft Solstice Lite Fifth Wheel

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Review of the etrailer RV Cargo on a 2017 Starcraft Solstice Lite Fifth Wheel

AJ: What's up, everybody It's AJ with Today, we're going to check out the etrailer RV Cargo Carrier on our 2017 Starcraft Solstice Lite 287RLS. Now, this is the 24 x 60 version, so that's how much the interior dimensions are going to be, giving you that much space for their stuff. I know me just saying numbers probably isn't good enough. It doesn't give me a good idea, so let's just measure it to show you exactly what I'm talking about.You got the 60 there, 24 there, and that, again, is interior dimensions. So, you think about the stuff that you have in your fifth wheel that you want outside.

Most people bring their generators out and put them in the cargo carriers. That way it gets that gasoline or oil smell out here instead of in there. Also, I want to compliment the bars here. I really like them. I'm confident in them because they're sturdy and they're really going to hold up.

So, if you get the generator here and you drop it, it's not going to hurt these bars at all. So, compared to some of the other RV cargo carriers, like the GennyGos, it has more of a thinner metal that . I mean, it holds up and it holds it just fine, but I felt like if I would have dropped something by accident, it would have dented it or damaged it, and that's not going to be a problem, once again, with this.Another awesome feature of this is that you can actually add an extension to the inside. If you feel like you need a little more room for your stuff, it adds 24 more inches. Be mindful of your ladder, or if you have a spare tire carrier or something over there, but you can actually add as many extensions as your bumper is long.

So, if you just want to fill up the whole bumper with the cargo carrier space, you can do that. But, again, be mindful of how much your bumper can carry, and this can carry 500 pounds. So, keep that in mind when you're loading it up.Let's see how far it sticks out from the back of your bumper because that's going to be important when you're driving around with it, backing up, or parking. Looks like from the bumper to the outside 26 inches, so it's six out 26 inches. Keep that in mind when you're driving around and parking and stuff, but if it's unloaded, you can actually fold it up and get it out of the way.

That's going to take up far less space. So, let's pop these pins down here at the bottom, go ahead and lift up on it, slides out, set them aside.I can do this one closer to you guys, so you can see it. Again, lift up on the end. It helps work that pin out. Now, we'll fold it up, and with it in place. Actually, we're going to put the pin in it real quick first to hold it in place. There. Now, you see it's not going anywhere. Keep in mind your positioning. You have a ladder. If your bumper's out a little bit further or your ladder's in a little bit more, it might fold up with the ladder. Today, it didn't so we have to go next to the ladder, but we still have all this space to use with our cargo carrier.Let's do a measurement and see how much space it takes up now. I'll come closer to you and go from the bumper to here. Six and a half. So that's way less. That's going to ease your mind when you're backing up or parking after you've unloaded it. This one actually had a spare tire carrier here and the spare tire carrier actually came back further than the cargo carrier did. So, if that just helps you visualize how much space it has. That about does it for our look at the etrailer RV Cargo Carrier. I hope this helped.

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