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Review of the etrailer Trailer Coupler Lock for Surge Brake Couplers

Randy: Hey guys, it's Randy here at, we get questions from our customers all the time about trailer security, and there's lots of different ways you can do it. We've got coupler locks, that's what we're going to be taking a look at today. This is one of our trailer coupler locks. This is designed for surge brakes. So a lot of marine trailer applications, you're going to see surge brakes in, some heavy duty construction trailers you'll sometimes see them in, but it's always a good idea to secure your investment. Whether you're going to have it in storage, maybe it's going to be outside in the driveway.

You want to have something to deter people from hooking it up and taking it. Now, I think with a coupler lock like this, it helps with deterring theft. Once they see that on there, they're going to be less likely to target yours, maybe move on to a different one, but it can also help as we're traveling, as we're connected to our vehicle, somebody may walk by and accidentally tip it up.Hopefully it's unintentional, but it can prevent accidents that way from happening as well. So we get this hooked up to our truck, we put our coupler lock in, and we're not going to have to worry about our latch accidentally coming open, something like that causing us an issue. Now, the way these work, since we're going to have a rubber cap here on the end of the lock portion.

They're all going to come with two keys and place that in. And then we're just going to rotate it. You can see, as I rotate it, that lot gets further and further out at that point It's going to come loose, I like this idea. I like that we don't have any springs in there that we'll have to worry about giving out on us. I like that it's just a basic straightforward system.

So we're just going to take that part.Put it in, and as we turn it, this one's the two and a half inch usable span. So the inside here is two and a half, this one's three and three eight. So this is for a little bit larger surge style coupler than what we've got here, but you can bring it right in, up to the edge of that coupler. And then when you pull out your key, it's locked in that position. So it gives you some flexibility there.

In a lot of trailer locks like this, basically, you're just going to have one position where it's going to lock that can lead to it wiggling around and moving around. So to do it, just like we removed it, we're going to place it through the lock portion of our surge coupler here, get it lined up and then just thread it in. You can see how that comes in right up against there, really nice, tight fit.No wiggling. We put our cap on, that's going to protect our lock core here from any dirt, getting in there, any rain getting in there and talking with some of the customers. People have been using these for five years, six years, and they still work like the day they we're new. We've got our double-sided key here. And you see that it's going to give us a little bit better theft deterrent than what we get out of just a single side. Be able to place that in there. And again, just easily work it. And we get it where we want, pop our dust cover on and we'll know that nobody would be able to connect to the trailer. And we won't have to worry about anybody accidentally taking our latch up, causing our trailer to disconnect while we're heading down the road. Now, as we spoke too before, I think a coupler lock like this, it's going to be one of a couple of different locks you might want.I like the idea that our latch can't come open. So it renders it basically useless, but let's say somebody took a hammer, did something to get this one broke off of here. If we also had a coupler lock that was filling in our coupler, that would give us two deterrents. Anytime a thief is looking for an opportunity, he's going to take the easiest one. I think you could also pair that with one of the trailer wheel lock clamps, in a nice clamp that will come around both sides of the tire. It's got a leg that comes off of it, prevents that tire from turning. The good news is if you get ahold of us up here, we can actually get your coupler lock, the coupler ball lock, and that wheel lock all keyed to the same key. So you're not going to have to worry about fumbling through six or seven different keys.And talking with our customers that's something that they always express that there's just too many keys and too many locks, getting those all keyed the same. Will make it really easy. They all work pretty quick and pretty effectively. So you won't spend a whole lot of time messing with them, trying to get them installed or get them taken off. And really save you a lot of headaches. Nobody likes their trailer disappearing. That's for sure. Now the overall construction is really nice. You can see in this end has a rubberized texture to it. Nice trailer logo there. That's the end that I generally hold when I'm loosening it or tightening it. I'll just hold my keys still, the lock core here, we talked about that being protected. It has the chrome finished steel on the end. So again, corrosion shouldn't be an issue there. And then here, we've got the clear zinc finish over steel.So overall we shouldn't really have to worry about rust and corrosion all that much, or definitely not any more than what we see on any of the other locks out there. So guys I think in the surge coupler lock world, I really think this is going to be an excellent choice for you and working with customers, they all really like it. They like that it's not loose. You can tighten it down, get it right up to the side of the coupler. Overall I think you'd be very, very happy with it. I think this will provide a good deterrent..

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