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etrailer Trailer Hitch Receiver Adapter And Extender Review

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Review of the etrailer Trailer Hitch Receiver Adapter And Extender

Sometimes we need a little bit of help to get that accessory exactly where we want it on our vehicle. And then, other times, too, we have a two inch accessory and we only have an inch and a quarter hitch. So that's why we designed this. This is gonna convert it from your inch and a quarter hitch to a two inch and it is also gonna give us a little bit more distance between our bumper and our accessory. And, we can use it as a rise or drop. It just goes in like any other accessory.

We're gonna put it in and line up that hole. And it does not come with a hitch bin or a clip so either add one to your car or we have a lot to choose from on our website. Now you can put your two inch accessory in the adapter, and it's just gonna go in like any other accessory. And if you do have an anti-rattle bolt like we do here, the hole is big enough to where your pin or your anti-rattle bolt is still gonna go in and thread. Here's some measurements for ya, the distance between these two pinholes is gonna be six and a half inches, and then from the receiver end to the center, which is right here, it's gonna be two and a quarter inches.

And then from this hole here, for our accessory and to the end, it's gonna be two and a half inches. This is gonna give us an overall length of 11 1/4 inches. When we have our converter like this, this is gonna give us a five inch rise, and if we swap it around like this, this is gonna give us four and a quarter inches of drop. With any type of extension, we are gonna cut our hitch's capacity in half. This is not just for ours but it's for all the other extensions.

That's just kinda how it is. And we don't wanna tow with this, so if you are converting your inch and a quarter to a two inch to tow, this is not gonna be the option for you. But that's pretty much the same with all the other options on our site, just triple check that. And then, with that hitch getting cut in half, with this capacity, we do wanna make sure that we're not overloading this unit. This is gonna have a max tongue weight of 350 pounds.

And, again, that's pretty much standard with all the different adapters, rises, drops and extenders. But, at the end of the day, this is gonna solve a lot of problems for ya. It's why we designed it and I think it's gonna be a good option for ya. And that's pretty much it for our look at the E-trailer rise and drop conversion from a inch and a quarter to a two inch..

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