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etrailer Trailer Hitch Receiver Reducer Sleeve Review

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Review of the etrailer Trailer Hitch Receiver Reducer Sleeve

So you got a new truck and it has a 3 inch hitch receiver but a lot of your accessories are either 2 1/2 inch or 2 inch. Well etrailer designed a sleeve so you can convert that 3 inch hitch receiver down to a 2 1/2 , or use them both together and convert it all the way down from 3 inches down to 2. To make sure that this is gonna work for you either the 2 1/2 sleeve or the 2 inch sleeve, the distance from your accessory to the center of its hitch pin hole, just make sure that it's around 2 1/2 inches, 'cause that's our measurement right here. And then from the hitch receiver side to the center of the hitch pin hole, it's gonna be 3 3/16 of an inch. So just make sure that you have enough room inside your hitch receiver so it doesn't hit your spare tire or anything like that. And the overall length of the whole entire thing, which is both sleeves, is about 6 5/16 of an inch.

The best way that I've found to install this is not just to put it in the hitch and then put your accessory on it. I like to just put it on the accessory, line up those holes and then insert it in. This way, you'll be able to kind of line everything up and I can use that same exact pin that I used before that'll go all the way through it and then you can put that clip on the end, too. One thing I would suggest, just because reducer sleeves can be pretty useful to a lot of different people. I suggest locking it down.

You can grab this out on our website. It does not come with it but it is a very useful thing for all your accessories just so you know they're not gonna go anywhere whenever you leave your truck alone. Same goes for our 2 inch hitch accessories, like our etrailer bike rack. So all we wanna do is just put both sleeves on, line up the holes, and then we can work this way in all at the same time. And we just need to get those holes to line up.

One thing to think about if you do have an anti-rattle bolt like this, it's not gonna be long enough to go all the way through to the other end. So we're not gonna really wanna use that. And a 5/8 inch diameter pin is gonna be a little too thick to go through that accessory. We do have some other pins available on our website, but just know that is something you might run into with your 2 inch accessories. It's just really nice to be able to use all of our accessories regardless of what size they are on whatever type of hitch we may have, and our reducer sleeves are gonna allow you to do that.

And that's pretty much it for our look at the etrailer 3 inch to 2 1/2 and 2 inch hitch adapter sleeve..

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