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Review of the Extra Long railer Hitch Receiver Lock

Colin: Hey everyone it's Colin here at eTrailer. Today I want to take some time and show you guys this Trailer Hitch Receiver Lock from eTrailer.Now this lock is going to be a really great tool to have for your hitch. A lot of times when you have these really high-end ball mounts, or really high-end bike mounts, or cargo carriers you want to make sure that they stay safe on your vehicle. This hitch lock is going to be made for 2-1/2" receivers. It's going to have a length long enough to come out from the other side. See we have a lock on the other side of the pin.

It's just going to be a great theft deterrent. You can see there's little to no space right here to get in there and pry it out. It's just going to make sure it keeps your contents safe.As you can see we got a really nice B&W Tow & Stow ball mount. Now this is a really high-end ball mount. We don't want to just leave it on there with a standard pin and clip.

That leaves it open to anyone seeing it, taking the pin and clip out, and then all of a sudden they've got a new ball mount.Now what's really nice is they have a patented pick proof lock system. Basically meaning that you can't just pick the lock and bring it off. It's going to have a threaded system, so once we insert the key we just start loosening it. It's going to come off once you loosen it all the way. As I keep going you're going to see it comes right off.

We'll pull the pin out and you can see on the insides how the threads are right here. Then our screw is right there. It's going to be a really great theft deterrent for your accessories.This pin's got a really durable steel construction. It's got a double chrome plating on it, so that's going to help it resist rust and corrosion. It's just overall very durable.

When you hold it you can just feel how solid it is. It's going to do a great job at protecting your accessories.We also have a really nice dust cap right there. Once we flip it open you can see the lock cylinder on the inside. The cover really helps protect that cylinder from any type of rust or corrosion. It's also going to help make sure no dirt or debris gets inside the cylinder to ruin the functioning of it. We just put that on and we're ready to go.We're also going to have a really nice all-weather grip right here, so that we can hold it down when we're trying to install it.What's also really cool about these locks, we've got plenty of these available here at eTrailer for different size hitches and for different applications. What's really cool is that if you have multiple locks, for your different accessories, you're going to be able to key them all alike. If you've got a trailer hitch with a coupler lock and you also got a spare tire lock on there, you're not going to have three separate sets of keys. All you have to do is click the key to like option on this page. Then you're going to be able to have one set of keys for this lock and each other one you have.Now this is going to be a direct replacement for that standard 5/8 pin that you have. It is going to have an inside width of 3-5/8", while an overall length of 6-7/8". While I said this is designed for 2-1/2" hitches you could also use it for a 2" x 2" hitch receiver, if you have multiple trucks and you want to be able to lock them up.Now it's going to be very easy to use. Once you have your ball mounts, or other accessory installed, we'll just get our pin through the pinhole. Then we'll take our lock, lineup the threads, and just begin threading it on there. Sometimes it's easier to hold the key and then turn the entire lock itself. We're just going to keep going. Just like that we'll remove the key, we'll just coverup with that dust cap. Then we're going to be good to go.Well I hope this information helped you guys out. But that's going to do it for our look at the Trailer Hitch Receiver Lock from eTrailer.

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