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etrailer Trailer Brake Controller Universal Installation Kit Review

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Review of the etrailer Trailer Brake Controller Universal Installation Kit

Today we're going to be taking a look at our Universal Installation Kit for Trailer Brake Controllers, part number ETBC7. This universal wiring kit will allow you to take your existing 4-pole trailer connector, convert it to a 7-pole, and give you everything you need to hook up a brake controller.The 7-pole connector that comes with the kit has a bracket to allow it to get mounted. You get all the hardware you need to mount the bracket. You've got the hardware that connects the connector to your bracket, as well as some hardware where you can drill out some holes and connect it to your vehicle.On our 7-pole connector itself, you'll have your traditional 4-pole connector, so you could use the same accessories you've been using all along with the 4-pole connector. But, in addition, you'll have your 7-pole connector for any of your new accessories. On the back side of our connector, we have all of our connection points we'll need.

This will plug into your existing 4-pole trailer connector that's on your vehicle, giving you a quick way to get your lights hooked up to your 7-pole.Now, you're probably wondering, what if my vehicle doesn't have a 4-pole connector on it How am I going to be able to get my 7-pole hooked up Well, here at, we've got plenty of custom wiring kits that you could use our fit guide for to find an appropriate 4-pole connector for your vehicle. Once you've installed that 4-pole connector, this kit can be used with it to upgrade it to a 7-pole, so you can get that brake controller installed and begin your trailer hauling adventures.You have your ground wire with pre-attached ring terminal. You use the large self-tapping bolt that comes in the kit to secure that and get your ground. The three remaining wires on the back, we have our purple, black, and blue. The purple wire is used for your reverse lamps, so you can tap into the reverse lamp circuits to get reverse lamps on your trailer through your 7-pole.

The black wire is your charge line, and this connects to the battery positive. The blue wire is your brake signal output, and this comes from your brake controller.When connecting the black wire for your 7-pole, there's an included 40 amp circuit breaker. This circuit breaker will ensure that your charge connection is protected so you don't have to worry about any shorts on your trailer causing any damage to the wiring on your vehicle. You also get a 30 and 20 amp circuit breaker, which is used for your brake controller. So, regardless of the brake controller that you decide to use with your vehicle, you'll have an appropriate circuit breaker included with your ETBC7 kit here to get that wired up and powered on.You'll receive all the connectors you need to hook up all of your wiring.

You've got small ring terminals for making the connections to your circuit breakers. You've got large ring terminals for making your connections to the battery. This includes both the power and ground. And you'll also receive butt connectors to connect the wiring to your brake controller.Your brake controller has four wires that it needs to be connected, and this is the same for any brake controller you're going to have. It'll have a power, a ground, a brake signal output, which again is the blue wire on our 7-pole, as well as a brake signal input from either your brake switch on your vehicle, or in the case of some vehicles where it doesn't have the traditional 12-volt brake switch output, you may need to use the third brake lamp signal.

You'll receive all of those connectors to make that connection as well.To assist with finding the appropriate wires, you'll receive a small test lamp. Simply clip this into ground and touch the other pointy end here to a wire, and if the light lights, you know that the wire you just poked has voltage on it. You can use this to test the wiring from your brake switch to determine which one is the cold switch. You would do this by connecting that to ground, poking the wire, and then pressing the brake pedal. When the light illuminates, you know you've found the wire that you would need for your brake controller.Now, if the little red LED located on the back isn't very bright, you've got the clip on the negative post of our battery, and we're going to touch this side to the positive post. And you can see the light lights up there.The end of the test light that comes with the kit has a nice small sharp tip, so it's great for piercing wire insulation and checking for voltage. As you can see, it pokes right in real easy to check that wire.You'll also receive 25' of duplex 10-gauge wire. This wire has an abrasive coating on it to ensure long-lasting connection as it's routed underneath your vehicle. Inside, there's two wires. You'll have a white and a black. This wire, in most cases, is enough to complete all of the connections that you'll need. There are some particularly long vehicles that may need additional wire. You can pick up additional wire here at You'll also receive an abundance of zip ties to help secure all of your wiring and make a nice clean install.That completes our look at our Universal Installation Kit for Trailer Brake Controllers, part number ETBC7.

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Julio G.

Does this kit ETBC7 come with the brake controller for the truck or do you sell it separately?Thanks

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Chris R.

The # ETBC7 Wiring Kit comes with everything you need to install a brake controller (assuming your truck is already equipped with a 4-Way connector), but not the brake controller itself. You'll need to add this separately. I really like the Tekonsha Prodigy P2 # 90885 because of its reliability, but we do have a large selection to choose from, which I've linked below.

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