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Review of the Trailer Wheel Lock

Randy: Hey, guys. It's Randy here at Now, we get questions all the time about trailer security. People want to know what's the best way to get my trailer secured so I can prevent theft. What we're going to take a look at today is going to be an excellent solution for just about any trailer size, any trailer tire that we sell here at etrailer, this is going to work for it.Basically, this is going to be a wheel clamp. As you can see here, we've got nine holes that are separated on five eights of an inch.

That allows us to really fine tune the width that we want. Then we just hit the cylinder lock there, push it in, and that's going to lock it. The installation process is very quick and simple. So we'll open it, bring it around, bring it into the nearest hole that we can, and then just push it in to lock. At that point, put our rubber cap there on the lock and it's going to be secure.This is very, very similar to boots that they use in parking situations.

If anybody we're to try to take off with our trailer, it's going to bind up right here. You can see it has that lever action and it really won't go past that point. Now for reference, this is a 215/75R15. But like I said, I couldn't find a tire in our entire warehouse that this wouldn't work for.Now, here's an example of a really narrow tire. You can see this is a 5.3 wide tire.

Open it up, bring it around, lock it in its narrowest setting there. Now, while it is a little bit loose, as we tried to move this trailer forward, we've tested it a few times, and it locks in on this tire just like on the larger ones.Overall, this is going to give us an excellent security solution. Whether you've just bought a trailer, you want to get it secured. Maybe there's been some trailer thefts around your area and it's a growing concern for you. By adding this in, it's going to at least be an excellent deterrent.

Generally when somebody's trying to find a trailer to steal, or something that they want to take, they're going to take the easiest option. So by having this in place, maybe having a coupler lock up front that is also high vis, can really help them recognize that it's not really one they want to mess with. They can move onto something that's easier to get.It's going to give you a lot of peace of mind. So when you get to the storage area, when you get to the location in which your trailer is stored, or even if you keep it outside overnight, whether that's at a hotel, someplace like that, or even at home, that when you get there, it's going to be there. Not going to have to worry about going through all the issues with insurance and stuff like that.Now, as far as the construction goes, it's going to be relatively heavy duty. It's something that I wouldn't really be worried about somebody being able to easily bypass. Any trailer lock, it's no Fort Knox. There's always a way around it, but it's definitely going to make it much more difficult. I also like the coating on it. It's a real nice, solid, good feeling coating. There's no over-spray or anything like that. And then that high vis yellow, it'll help to identify it's on your trailer, so thieves can see it easily, but also it'll remind you, hey, we got that on there, let's take it off before we hit the road.As far as the customer reviews go, they're excellent. A lot of people have great things to say. Wish I would've had it sooner, it's easy to use, fits my tire really well, haven't had any issues after it's been installed. So it's got a lot of good things going for it. Each end of the arm has also been dipped as you can see it here with a nice rubber coating. Basically, that protects our rim surface. We don't have to worry about nicking and scratching it, causing corrosion down the road, but also it helps it to grip. So if the tire we're to move, that grips, pulls this in nicely, and keeps our trailer from rolling away. We've also got a handle here at the end. It's got a little bit of a texture to it, also a rubber material. It's going to help you get ahold of it, you're not going to have to worry about bare steel. The cylinder lock also has a nice rubber coating to it and it's going to have a cap on the end that's going to protect that and keep dirt, dust and debris from getting in there.The thing I like about a cylinder lock, this is much harder to bypass than the standard pad lock. It's something that generally you can't make your own copy of the key for it or anything like that. So by using that, just built in some nice extra security. Here's the cylinder type keys that are going to be included with it. As you see, you'll get a pair so you can keep one on your camper's key ring and one on your vehicle's key ring in case you happen to forget it or maybe you haul your trailer with a different vehicle.The biggest question we tend to get about this is, will it fit my tire And like I said earlier, I went through the entire warehouse, looked at 50, 60 different tires, and I could not find one that this wouldn't work on. I would definitely recommend this product. It gets great reviews. I like the way it works. It's nice and easy, kind of like we said. Definitely something that would be a great investment to protect your camper, protect your utility trailer, whatever your case might be.

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