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Fastway Flash E Series Adjustable Ball Mount Review

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Review of the Fastway Flash E Series Adjustable Ball Mount

What's going on everybody. Today we're going to be talking about the Fastway adjustable ball mount. So there's a line of these on our website and they're all going to be made for a two inch hitch receiver. They're all CNC'd out of aluminum and we are going to get two balls whenever we grab a hitch receiver. Basically the one you see here on top, it's going to be two and five sixteenths with a 10,000 pound weight rating. And then the one on the bottom is going to be a two inch with about 8,000 pound weight rating.

And like I said, we have a bunch of different rises and drops here. We have a Dodge pickup that's a little bit lifted, so we're obviously utilizing that drop pretty well.But the nice thing about these is you can actually flip them around. I know on my Tahoe, basically what I do is sometimes I actually bottom this out because it's not as tall as this pickup truck. So I want to undo this for you guys. This does not come with the locking hitch pin, but we do sell those too.

We sell actually a lot of them, so whatever one you think is best for you, you can go grab that as well. And this is a two and a half inch hitch receiver, so I do have a sleeve to by Buyers Product. They're pretty much universal so it doesn't really matter what brand you buy.But basically what you can really do is once you put it in, whether it's a two and a half inch shank or a two inch shank, get it in there. You either put a pin or a locking pin. So it's actually a pretty similar pen system like the BMW hitches we carry here, but those are going to be a lot more high end.

These are definitely going to be in the more affordable price range. But basically what we can do is actually flip this around like so. We can actually feed our pin on either side, whatever's easiest for your setup. So we can just have the two inch ball here about 8,000 pounds. Or if we actually need to actually raise it up a little bit, if you're switching the inaudible 00:02:11 from let's just say a big jacked up truck like this one to a maybe lower riding Tahoe like I have, basically all you got to do pull this out.

And the way they machine this, it can handle the same amount of weight in both orientations. So it's definitely going to be the biggest bang for your buck.So these holes are going to be uniformly drilled across this whole entire plate here about an inch across. So we will have a pretty easy adjustment, just because what I use these for is some of my trailers are a lot heavier than the other trailers. So basically what happens is it makes your vehicle sag a little bit more. Let's just say I'm using a enclosed box trailer with a bunch of stuff in it, and then the next day I'm hauling an empty lighter trailer. I might want to put that ball mount a little bit lower for the lighter trailer because it's not going to load down my vehicle as much. There's a lot of different ways and reasons why we would need the rise or drop. But this is going to be able to basically do everything that you need. It's got two different ball sizes and depending on what size that you get with it, when it comes to rising and dropping, you're going to have more holes to choose from.So if you guys are in the market for a ball mount, I'm just going to give you my two cents on the deal. I just have your basic Tahoe, it's not too lifted up so I didn't really need that big rise or drop. But I actually ended up going with one that had a lot of rise and a lot of drop, I'm pretty sure it was like four and five inches respectively. But basically the reason why I bought the more premium brand is just because it comes with different size balls. So if I'm even using somebody else's trailer, has a different coupler, I can use that. It's just having the options and I have not really replaced it since.Once you kind of buy these ball mounts, it basically stays in your hitch and you don't really have to replace it every season. It stays good for a long time. So whether you're just getting a basic ball mount, like totally fine. But I would definitely suggest at least getting one like the Fastway one just because it has two different balls. I know B&W has one that has three different balls. So that's what we're going to show you right now, the more premium options, because we just have a lot. But I just say if you're spending the money, might as well get one that's going to be able to do it all. So I just pulled up to will call here at etrailer and we keep a lot of the more premium ball mounts on display. So we're going to go over some of those and just show you what your options are really.So we're going to go ahead and grab the Fastway ball mount that we we're talking about earlier just so we can compare it to the more premium setups we have inside. I'm going to grab my keys. So we actually do have some Fastway branded ball mounts similar to this that come with locks like built in. So if that's something that would interest you, I would definitely recommend it just because it's built in and it's actually a pretty cool system. And the more locks the better, in my opinion.So here are some of our options. As you can see the multiple ball mounts, those are the ones I would recommend. And then some of them over here, the B&W, we actually have three options. And we are going to have different settings for the rise and drops as well. But these are going to be more premium really. So just so you guys get a visual representation. I'll pick this one out. This Weigh Safe's actually a pretty neat one just because it has a weight scale built into it. And here's one that actually comes with a pre-installed lock as well.So as you can see with all of our more premium style ball mounts, the Fastway definitely fits in. It looks really good. And at the end of the day, in my opinion, they're all going to get the job done. So definitely pick one that's right for you. That looks nice. But I would suggest getting one that just has more options with rise and drop and the different balls you get here. But it's all going to get the job done, getting your trailer to and from your destination.So we do have a lot of different rise and drop configurations with our line of ball mounts here by Fastway. and all are going to come with a two and five 16th inch ball and a two inch ball on the bottom. And all are going to be made of aluminum that'll fit a two inch hitch receiver. We also have others that have locks built in from Fastway. So if that's something you guys would like just go on each and pick the one that's right for you.So if this one catches your eye and you like the polished aluminum look of it and also like how light it is because it is aluminum, this is definitely going to be my pick over all the aluminum ones compared to our steel ones. They're going to be a little bit heavier, but at the end of the day, it's just going to get the job done. So that's just about it for a look at the Fastway adjustable ball mount.

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