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Fastway Ball Mounts Re-Keying Kit Review

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Review of the Fastway Ball Mounts Re-Keying Kit

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Fastway Re-Keying Kit for DTLBM and DTALBM Series Self-Locking Aluminum Ball Mounts, part number DTLBM02RK. This kit is perfect if you've lost your keys or your locks become damaged. It comes with everything you need to replace two locks. Both locks are keyed alike and four keys are included. Now we'll go ahead and show you how to replace them. First, we want to go ahead and remove our old lock cylinders. What we want to do is peel back the silver warning sticker right here.

There's going to be one on each lock. By peeling back the warning label we've located our set screw. We can go ahead and take our included Allen and take that on out. Now, if you've had your lock for awhile it may be a little corroded, so it's not a bad idea to go ahead and hit that with some penetrating oil and let that sit for a little bit. Let's go ahead and take it out.

Make sure it's all the way in. Now with our set screw removed, our lock cylinder should just come right on out. If you're having trouble getting it out, just go ahead and hit it with some more penetrating oil and give it a second to soak in, and just give it a tug and it should come out. Now, inside you can see our cam actuator. This is what allows our lock to operate our pin. What we'll need to do is, we'll take our new lock cylinder and we'll need to line up this portion here so it fits inside the lock actuator.

We'll also need to be sure that the indentation on top, that's what our set screw is going to go into. We'll also need to grab our new dust cap and that's going to go in the bottom indentation here. We'll put that in slightly, make sure our lock cylinder's lined up, and then we'll push them both in together just like that. Now we can take our included tool and our new set screw, and thread that in. Now, you want to be sure that your lock cylinder is pushed all the way in as far as it will go. We'll just get that started.

You also want to be sure not to over tighten. Just get it nice and snug. All this is meant to do is to hold that lock cylinder in place and prevent it from coming out. Now you want to be sure and try it out and make sure that it works. I'd say it works pretty good. Now that we know everything works, we can go ahead and take our new warning label and apply that on top. Perfect. Good as new. Now we can repeat the same process for our second lock cylinder. That's going to complete our look at the Fastway Re-Keying Kit for DTLBM and DTALBM Series Self-Locking Aluminum Ball Mounts, part number DTLBM02RK, .

Wade W.


I bought on e of the Fastway hitches from you with the dual locks. On lock is frozen up and I have messed up my keys trying to get it freed up, lock number 5515. I either need replacement keys or two replacement locks. I do not know which hitch I have but think it is the ALBM. Can you verify please?

Etrailer Expert

Jon G.


I wasn't able to find any info to verify which set you have but the replacement key kit # DTLBM02RK should work just fine for your application.

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