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Firestone Double Convoluted Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs Review

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Review of the Firestone Double Convoluted Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs

Today, we're going to be taking a look at Firestone Ride-Rite Double Convoluted Air Helper Springs for the rear axle. You'll want to refer to our fit guide here at, to determine the appropriate set for you. Airbags is going to help improve safety and stability when hauling a heavy load. You can adjust the pressure to bring it back to the factory ride height, as well as adjust them independently, so you can adjust for an uneven load. Depending on the set that's appropriate for your vehicle, it can have a max load-leveling capacity between 3,200 pounds and 5,600 pounds. Now you keep in mind that this does not increase the load-carrying capability of your vehicle.

It's just there to help support the weight and bring you back to an even ride.Firestone's double convoluted design features four rubber layers, and a braided girdle in the middle, which helps gives it that double convoluted shape. What this means for you, is that it's going to increase the burst pressure. It's designed to hold up to 100 PSI, to provide the maximum support load. These are to provide assistance when hauling a heavy load in the back of your truck or SUV, or when hauling a large camper or trailer. Another benefit of having the air Springs is it'll help reduce the strain, put on your rear suspension and axle.

They can be used to more evenly distribute the load across the components, so one item isn't taking too much stress.You'll receive everything you need to get it installed in the kit. This includes the fittings where you'll air it up. The airline that'll run from your fittings to your airbags, your airbags, as well as custom fit brackets that are designed to easily and quickly install onto your vehicle. These are manually inflated, so you will need to provide your own air source, or stop by a gas station to adjust them. Now if that seems like too much of a hassle, or you haul multiple varying size loads daily, you can pick up an air compressor kit here at

Firestone has a few available. We've got the heavy duty installed on our vehicle right now, with part number F2590.Some of our customers are curious if these come with internal jounce bumpers. They do not come with internal jumps bumpers, but with a high pressure of up to 100 PSI, they're plenty able to handle the job. Our customer Jim had to say, "This kit was super easy to install. In a matter of fact, I did the install in the driveway of my in-laws with a basic toolkit, as I found I needed these to provide a more pleasant towing experience when I was moving cross country." And then one year later, Jim had to say, "I like them more, the longer I have them.

I do my own projects around the house, and these are handy for the heavier stuff that you're going to haul from the point of purchase to the house. Keeps the truck level and helps you utilize all of the capability of the truck drivetrain, and frame." And that completes our look at Firestone Ride-Rite Double Convoluted Air Helper Springs for the rear axle..

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