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Firestone Air Command Compressor System Review

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Review of the Firestone Air Command Compressor System

Hey, everybody, it's Rob here at, and today we're gonna be taking a look at the Firestone Air Command wireless compressor system. Now, if you have airbags on your truck, it's really nice, you know, whether you tow a lot of different things or maybe you have a camper or a trailer that you always pull but once you get something heavy back there you realize we get a lot of squat. Well, the airbags take care of that, but once you start changing those loads, you unhook or you hook up to another trailer, then you gotta find somewhere to either deflate the bag or find an air compressor to fill 'em back up. So there's a lot of traveling, a lot of extra steps we gotta do, not to mention a lot of times, we don't even have access to air, we don't wanna drive all the way home just to adjust the bags. So having an onboard air compressor definitely makes it a lot more convenient and takes a little bit of the stress out of all those situations. But with most compressor systems, they are gonna be a wired system which means we're gonna have a lot of wire going back and forth to the compressors and it's gonna be coming into the cab.

And even if you do have a lot of the other wireless compressors out on the market, they have a separate controller which we gotta keep track of and let's face it, I'm not very good at keeping track of stuff, especially if I already have a whole bunch of other stuff I'm doing, hooking up my camper, anything like that, a little controller is the last thing on my mind. So those can be easily lost, but you know one thing that all of us, I know do definitely keep our eyes on is our phone. Well, our Firestone Air Command is gonna work through an app so we can use our Android or Apple device to control our airbags from the comfort of inside of our cab. Or we could even do it outside and watch to see how level our truck is. Now we're gonna be able to do quite a bit through the app but the nice thing is we're gonna get a really large gauge.

So we can just glance over at our phone and know exactly where our bags are set. And if we come down to the bottom here, it'll say target. That's where we want our pressure to be. And then it'll have an arrow on either side so we can adjust it down, up, whatever we need to to get to that target area, to get our bags so the back end of our truck isn't sagging and we can have a comfortable ride. You know, a few other little features that are in the app really easy to use, but I definitely appreciate, is the fact that we can set two different memories to what pressure we wanna set.

So if you happen to tow the same trailer, you know the load's not gonna change. We can click on the target number, that's where we want our pressure set and it's gonna bring up an M1 and an M2. Now if we hold M1 or M2, it's gonna ask you if you want to store whatever pressure you're at to memory one. So now we can, no matter what pressure we're at, we can drop the pressure down to 35 and once it gets down low enough and it stops, we can click on that memory and it'll go right back to where we want it to be. So it's a little thing, but it's a lot nicer just being able to click a single button rather than having to scroll through.

And the other nice thing is that our compressor is gonna constantly be monitoring what's going on. Once it gets down to the set pressure, we can click on the settings button over here and that'll bring up a few different options for us. We can see at the top, we can either read our pressure in PSI or in bar, you just simply push the button and it'll switch over. Then we have dark mode, which that's gonna switch between a contrast. If you rather have a dark screen or a light screen, your memory settings, we're gonna have any kind of faults that show up. If we have anything wrong with our compressor, whether it be electrically or anything that the compressor is reading, it's gonna let us know. And then also we're gonna be able to look into the status of everything. Now, the status is gonna tell us that if our Bluetooth is connected, if the compressor is on or off, the battery voltage and everything else. So we're gonna have a really good idea of exactly what's going on. Now one last thing I do wanna mention about the app is that it does use a pass key. Now the pass key's gonna be in your instructions and if you don't change it, you can actually use multiple different devices at the same time. So if you have your spouse with you, your friend with you, maybe your phone dies, well, you can grab their phone and still control all your bags, so long as you use the same pass key. So here's where our compressor looks like. We chose to mount ours on the side of the frame here. This compressor is gonna be a 12-volt light-duty compressor. And what that means is, is it's gonna run off the 12-volt and the battery in our truck. But at the same time, it is a light-duty compressor, so it's gonna be great for occasional towing or if you're just not towing something that heavy duty. So the compressor is gonna have a maximum pressure of 120 PSI, and they do recommend that you at least keep five PSI in your airbags. So that's maybe the range that our compressor will go to, between 5 and 120. And you just wanna keep in mind that even though this goes up to 120, a lot of airbags only go up to 100 PSI. So you don't want to max out your bags or go any higher than they can, even if your compressor can go higher. Now, aside from the actual compressor, we're gonna have the ECU. Now this is gonna be the electronic control unit that's gonna be monitoring the pressure and sending out the signal so that it can turn the compressor on. Now, the nice thing about this is this can be mounted just about anywhere, so long as we have enough room to connect everything together and get the wires routed. You'll notice this epoxy-looking material that's on there. That's actually a potting material and it's completely filled this entire box. So our ECU is going to withstand most automotive chemicals, most road grime that we may see. So a little bit of road spray isn't gonna hurt it along with any kind of road salt or anything like that. And again, the nice thing is is that we can mount it just about anywhere. We got a couple holes to mount it using screws, or if you really can't find a good spot, we have a couple notches that we could actually zip tie the ECU to. Now, one of my favorite things, besides the convenience of having an onboard compressor, is the fact that it's gonna be virtually maintenance free. We're not gonna have to grease anything. There's no oil that we have to add or anything like that. But if we come to our compressor and we see this black hose that's coming out of the side here, that's actually our intake. Now this hose does go, the end of it has an air filter on it, and that's the one thing I would say that you kind of want to keep an eye on just like any kind of air filter. If it does get clogged, it is gonna reduce the amount of performance we get out of our compressor. So it's just an easy way, every once in a while, to periodically check that filter and replace it for the best performance. Now so long as the battery is charged in our truck we shouldn't have any problems with our compressor running, but sometimes we may run into an issue where we don't have our phone, maybe our phone's not charged, but we do have a manual inflation valve, so we can deflate or inflate our bags to the necessary pressure, in case we can't use the compressor for whatever reason. Now, our compressor is gonna be a single path. And what that means is, is we're only gonna have one output. So one air line is gonna control both air bags at the same time. So we're definitely gonna get that front to back level so we can keep the back end from sagging down too much, but we're not gonna be able to use side to side. So both bags are going to inflate and deflate at the same time. Now I do wanna mention our Firestone compressor is designed for Firestone airbags. However, it will work with any brand of air springs you have, you just want, again, keep in mind the duty cycle of the compressor, and how much your airbags can hold. And we want to kind of match those up. We don't want a compressor that's too small for the bags you have, but at the same time, you don't want a compressor that can go way higher in pressure than the bags can handle themselves. But with all that being said, again, I'm Rob here at and that'll finish up your look at the Firestone Air Command wireless compressor system..

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