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FloTool Lawn Mowers and Off-Road Vehicles Wheel Chocks Review

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Review of the FloTool Lawn Mowers and Off-Road Vehicles Wheel Chocks

Hey, everybody, welcome to I'm Bobby. And today we're taking a look at the FloTool's Wheel Chocks for lawnmowers and off-road vehicles here Now guys of course, this is not going to be just limited to just to this applications, basically what it means you are going to have to have a smaller tire. So as long as you have within 20 inches width on your tire, you're going to be okay to go ahead and use these guys. As you can see, they're not the biggest ones out there, but they do do a great job of making sure that we're not going to have our trailer running away, if we are parked on an incline.

So maybe you guys are doing a little bit of yard work, or maybe you guys have some trees you felled and you want to go ahead and get some of that lumber in the back of your utility trailer. You go ahead, you throw in your heavy load. All of a sudden that sends your Taylor careening down the hill. Or at a slight incline, you have to go ahead and reach over and run to catch it and grab it. This is going to go ahead and allow us to make sure we're not going to have any issues with our trailer running away.

As you guys can see here today, we do have a nice little incline there to go ahead and with a nice textured pad there as well to make sure that our wheels aren't gonna be going anywhere. One thing I really like though, is this serrated bottom edge here. This is excellent for when you guys are outside and you need just a little bit more purchase, so it doesn't go sliding through the mud. You can go ahead, have a nice grip and therefore, it's going to be nice and secure. Now it is going to come in a set of two.

Flotools does recommend to go ahead and throw one on the back and front of your tire. Now that's great, if you are a parked on a flat surface and you don't want this rolling through your parking lot anywhere, however, if you are parked on an incline, I would probably just go ahead, grab my set and then separate them, putting one on the driver and on the passenger side, depending on my incline. Then when you no longer need them, they're really easy to go ahead and stack just like this as a pair and go ahead and throw somewhere, ready for the next use. So even though they have the serrated seat, which is excellent for kind of utilizing any kind of ground that doesn't have any pavement, they still work really well on pavement. As you guys can see, they're going to go ahead, stay nice and secure and prevent my trailer from moving.

Well, guys, this is gonna be a great way of just going ahead and securing your smaller utility trailers and even up into those heavier lawnmowers, of course, as it is nice and heavy duty. I really like the material it's made out of it. It doesn't feel flimsy, like it's gonna be breaking down at any point. And I really do like how we can go ahead and store it and really reduce the footprint it's going to have in our garage or even just our trailers. Overall, just going to be a great little way guys, of given you that a little bit of security that you need to make sure your trailer doesn't go running away. Otherwise guys, I think that about does it for our look at the FloTools Wheel Chocks available here at I'm Bobby. Thank you for watching..

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