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Fulton F2 Fully Enclosed Trailer Winch Review

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Review of the Fulton F2 Fully Enclosed Trailer Winch

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install the Fulton F2 Fully Enclosed Trailer Winch, part number FW16000101. This Fulton F2 Winch is going to be a great addition to your trailer to replace your old winch. Now, with the enclosed aluminum casing and handle, it's going to make for a great upgrade from the traditional open style.This Fulton F2 Winch is a great addition to your trailer. As you can see, the overall design. It's not too big and bulky. The operation is very smooth, and it is built to last.

This is going to be a cast aluminum casing, so it's going to protect your gears on the inside, and it's going to offer you two drum gears and one solid drive gear. The drive gear is going to extend from one side of the casing to the other, and that's going to offer a solid connection point between both drum gears. This is going to make for a much smoother operation, and it's going to last a lot longer.So to operate it, you simply push or pull on the dower in position, rotate your handle and pull your item up onto the trailer. Now when you want to release your strut, you simply push on the handle, put your paw in the upright position, and you have the option to turn it to release it. Now, you do have another option that does offer free spool.

Keep in mind your handle does spin when you use that.Now your paw is going to come with a rubber coated end to give you a little added grip. This winch is going to offer a 1,600 pound max line pull. Keep in mind that is when the strap is fully extended with one layer of strap on the spool. I do want to mention like with any winch, as you are pulling that strap in and the spool is filling up, that weight capacity is gradually going to decrease.Now included with your winch, you will get the strap. It's 2 inches wide by 20 feet long and it's going to have an attached hook.

Now keep in mind if you are wanting to replace your strap, this winch will only accept a 2 inch up to 20 foot long strap which you can find here at your strap's going to have a 2,600 pound working load limit. Keep in mind, you don't want to exceed the winch's load capacity. Now it's going to offer a nice wide, thick handle with tapered ends to help reduce the risk of your hand slipping off even if your hands are wet. The handle's going to be made out of a cast aluminum so it's going to reduce the risk of any corrosion. It's going to give you two mounting locations, so it's going to extend your handle from a six inch to a seven inch and can be mounted on either side of the winch.Now this is going to come with all necessary hardware to get installed.

Let's show you how to get that done. First thing we need to do to start our installation is you need to make sure you have your old winch removed. We're going to install the handle first. You're going to take your small bolt, a lock washer with the flat washer and we'll use a half inch wrench to tighten it down.Next, we're going to install our grip. You're going to take your long bolt that comes in your kit and put on a flat washer. You're going to see a metal sleeve, take your bolt, slide it into your metal sleeve, slide that metal sleeve into your handle and the handle or the grip through the handle itself and you're going to have a nut that's going to fit inside of the handle. We'll tighten that down with a 9/15th socket or wrench.Next thing we're going to do is install the strap. Now you'll notice this center piece here on one side, you can see it's pretty flat or evenly spaced. The other side is going to be tapered, tapered out. You're going to have a pin that comes in your kit. What you want to do is you want to feed your strap through the one side and you want it to come out the tapered end. What that's going to do is this is going to slide in your strap and it's going to fit right down into that slot, just like that.Next thing you want to do is you want to take your switch and your going to flip it down. You want to make sure that your strap is winding underneath. Next your going to have three carriage bolts with keepers on 'em and your going to slide 'em in. You're going to put two up on this long side and you're going to put one in back and you're just going to line 'em up with the holes on the trailer. Then we'll put our locking phalange nuts in place and you can tighten those down with a 9/16th socket. Once you have your hardware torqued down to the specifications on the instructions, you can hook up to your boat, whatever it is your pulling and hit the road.That'll do it for a look an installation on a Fulton F2 Fully Enclosed Trailer Winch, part number FW16000101.

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