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Furrion Chill Rooftop RV Air Conditioner Review

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Review of the Furrion Chill Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Hi there, camper and RV owners. Today, we're going to be taking a look at Furrion's Chill Rooftop AC unit. These are available in either white or black, and with either a 14,500 BTU output or a 15,500 BTU output. This is a replacement AC unit, which can drop right in replacing your factory unit that's located on your motor home or RV.It's got your typical four wire thermostat set up, so you can plug that in right to your box to operate it. It is designed to work with Furrion's units, so if you have a Furrion thermostat, it should be pretty much a plug and play installation.You may want a replacement unit if your old one is no longer functional, you can purchase a replacement to slap right on it. Inside of our unit, we'll have all of our AC system completely enclosed.

So we'll have our evaporator, our condenser, our compressor, all the lines, and our Freon is all going to be self-contained in here. Along with the blower motor that's going to draw in the air, cool it off and blow it inside of your cabin.Another feature that I really like about this compressor system is that it is a slow start system. A slow start system is going to be easier to start than your typical AC systems that draw an excessive amount of amperage on start up to get it to turnover.With some of those systems, when you're at a campsite that has many motor homes plugged into the campsites electrical source, there may not be enough available current there to get your AC system to kick over. But with the slow start technology, it's able to slowly start and minimize that start up amperage to allow it to start up and then run just fine. So you won't be stuck at the campsite with an AC that won't work.Now, some options out there for the non-slow start units is to install a start capacitor.

But since our unit's a slow start, we don't need to go through the trouble of purchasing an additional component and installing it inside.Now, you'll want to keep in mind that this is a rather large unit. It weighs about 88 pounds, so you're likely going to need two people to help you get it up on top of your roof to get it installed.If you're looking to add an AC unit where one didn't previously exist, I suggest you check out Furrion Single Zone kits that we have available here at etrailer. They will come with all of the additional components you'll need to get it installed and working properly.If you're replacing an existing Furrion unit, once you've got your new one in place, all of your connectors will simply plug right back in.That completes our look at Furrion's Chill Rooftop AC unit.

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