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Gen-Y Auto Latch Gooseneck Coupler Lock Review

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Review of the Gen-Y Auto Latch Gooseneck Coupler Lock

Randy: Hey, guys. It's Randy here at Today we're taking a look at a gooseneck coupler lock. Now this one is from Gen-Y. Gen-Y is known for making hitches just like this or couplers just like this, really strong, really, really heavy duty. Everything they do is overbuilt.

That's why I really like the way this lock works.Now this is designed to work with most of our auto-latch couplers. Generally those are a little bit more expensive than our standard couplers, so it's a good idea to protect them. You can see the lock itself is made out of really heavy-duty steel, zinc plated with a heavy powder coat finish. It's also something Gen-Y is known for, extremely, extremely good finishes on all of their products, so with that being said, you're not really going to have to worry about corrosion or any type of issues like that.Now this has been designed to work with most of your auto-latching couplers which will have the release here on the side. A lot of the other gooseneck locks won't work with this style coupler, so it's nice that we've got something that we can offer to lock these up and keep it nice and secure.Now this is a really good way to secure your trailer and protect it from disappearing, but something you do need to keep in mind, this is going to be best used if we pair it with a lock for our set bolt here or if we pair it with a locking pin here.

Basically, if we lock our coupler and we don't lock our pin or our bolt here, one of these, we're going to have an issue to where somebody could just loosen the bolt and pull the pin, drop this coupler out, put another coupler in, and make off with our trailer.Now the lock itself has a nice heavy diameter locking pin. We'll slide that through our coupler, place this end on, and then it's a keyed mechanism here. As we turn our key, that tightens everything down together. We've got the rubber cap there, so when we do have it secured, we can place that over it. That's going to protect that tumbler from water and moisture getting in there.

However, it is a nice high quality tumbler. The lock feels really substantial. It's a good heavy piece. I think all in all, this should work out really well for quite some time and make it really easy to get your trailer secure.Now this isn't the only coupler out there on the market clearly. There's one from Blaylock.

It's called the EZ Lock, and while it is a little bit more cost effective than what we have here, I like this one a little bit better because our pin is an area where it's harder to get to. With that EZ lock, our pin sits through and we've got a lock on the end kind of like a padlock. It leaves it pretty open for people to get in there and cut it if they wanted to.Now to get our lock installed, we're going to slide it on our coupler, and it's going to go on opposite of the actual release. We'll take our large center pin, and we also want to unthread our lock there. We're going to slide this up in there. You want to get your holes lined up, and we'll slide our lock through. Once we've got that through, we just need to place our lock on, and then we can turn our key to secure it. At that point, we put our cap on. It's really all there is to it. It's a quick and easy way to ensure your trailer's not going to disappear.

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