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Gen-Y Serrated Hitch Mounted Step Review

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Review of the Gen-Y Serrated Hitch Mounted Step

Hey everybody, how's it going Today we're going to be taking a look at the Gen-Y serrated hitch step for two-inch hitches. This sort of has a skeleton design, meaning we have these little voids here, which is definitely going to help it cut down on weight. But no need to worry about strength. It's going to be just as strong as the other hitch steps on the market, as it has a 400-pound weight capacity. Now, one of the number one things I like about this hitch step - it's definitely going to be the texture or pattern on top of the step. It's super grippy.

It really bites onto the bottom of your shoe. You can see here, I can twist my foot pretty good and it's not going anywhere. Those serrations are really going to dig into the bottom of your shoe there for a nice grippy surface. So our hitch step here will actually work with any two-inch trailer hitch. It can simply be attached directly to the receiver tube, but if you're looking for the best aesthetics and multi-purpose, there's the Gen-Y Rebel ball mount which is going to work perfectly with and that's how you see we have it configured here.

So our hitch step here is going to be made entirely of steel. It has a very, very durable black, powder-coated finish. So no matter how many times we kick this thing bang stuff on it. It's really going to hold up, protect the unit well from rust and corrosion. It also has a lifetime warranty and it's made in the USA.

So, you know, you're getting a quality product. Our hitch step here is going to be a great option. I would probably just leave it attached to our vehicle here because that's really to help us getting in and out of our truck bed. Because let's face it - these trucks are getting taller and taller nowadays. You may even have a lift.

That's definitely a popular accessory for your truck. So if you need help getting in and out of the bed, if you use your bed a lot to store items, this is definitely going to be a worthwhile upgrade here to help you get things in and out easily. You can actually get both feet on it, as you can see here. So we're really going to have a stable platform to help us when we're getting things in and out of the truck bed. I do want to point out that you actually are not going to get a hitch pin with your hitch step here. But if you're using it with the Rebel ball mount you can actually use the adjustment pin here to secure it. Or what I really like is a dual matching set of locking pins that allow you to secure the ball mount or hitch step to the vehicle, as well as the hitch step to the stacked receiver. Now, granted, this will only be for applications when you're using the Rebel ball mount but we have some singular locking pins available as well to provide security of our hitch step. And that's going to do it today for our look at the Gen-Y serrated hitch step for two-inch hitches..

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