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Global Link RV Entry Door Locking Latch Kit Review

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Review of the Global Link RV Entry Door Locking Latch Kit

A.J.: What's up, everybody it's A.J. With Today we're going to be checking out these entry door latch kits from Global Link. It's going to be able to let you replace your existing door latch if it's worn out or just unsightly, you don't like the way it looks anymore, you want to replace it. This kit's going to have everything you need to do that. It's going to be the front latch here.

It'll even come with a side plate you could install here, then the inside latch and deadbolt. The bottom one here operates our deadbolt. You can see as I turn it, the deadbolt comes out, locking your door. That unlocks your door. Then our other lock up here blocks the latch so you can't pop it open.

Therefore, if it was closed and locked, we wouldn't be able to open the door. That's what it looks like from the inside. Just grab this latch, opens the door. You can also operate the deadbolt with this switch.There's a few things to consider when you're going to look at a new door latch. One of them is door thickness.

This new latch will work with a door thickness of inch and a quarter to an inch and a half. The other thing is what size hole do you have on your door to actually put the new latch in That works where the size is two and a half inches by the three and a half inches or three inches and four inches. One more thing about it. It is made out of a black powder coated steel construction, and then it has a nice foam seal on the backside so when you go to push it against the door, it's going to fill in those gaps, so it's not going to let any water inside and ruin your door.I've talked about it enough. Let's see how it installs.

We're going to remove these four screws here, and then there's going to be two screws here to get it all loose. All you really need is a screwdriver, so I've got a Phillips-head screwdriver. We'll start removing some of these screws. After that last screw's out, you'll see how loose it got. You can just move it like that. This old one's in there nice and tight, and the new one's going to be that way, too. I'm going to push out as far as I can this way, but you can see that the latch is still here. You can pull the handle and get that out of the way. You really just need to push and kind of twist it up, and it'll pop right out of there. There we go.Now we're ready to install our new one. You kind of do everything you did in reverse order. Let's feed that in first so the striker's going to be close to there. Then I'm going to kind of do the push and twist thing here on the outside. I twist it in a little bit. It starts to work its way in and should just pop right into place like that. Now we're going to add our inside plate. Some things look out for is our deadbolt lever here and the latch. Make sure that's in, because those tabs got to catch, and pull back on that mechanism, and the deadbolt here has to line up with the inside of the switch. You can see the curve side and the flat side and make sure that's in the right position when you go to push it on to place. Do that. Goes on there. This lash is pushed into, so I know it's going to catch when we go to tighten it down and add the screws.Now we're ready to add in our hardware. Use the new ones included. The last thing we're going to do is replace the striker plate that came with the new one. Wind, install it. Make sure you put the one end with the tab on the outside because that's what the deadbolt's going to come through and rest on.That will do it for a look at the Global Link RV entry door locking latch kit.

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