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Go Power Portable Solar Kit Extension Cable Review

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Review of the Go Power Portable Solar Kit Extension Cable

Hi everyone, it's Evangeline here at etrailer. And today we are looking at the extension cable for your Go Power solar panel kits here at etrailer. Right here, I have the 12 foot extension cable which comes with our go power portable panel kits. And as you can see, it's kind of on the short side it does get the job done. But if you need a little extra length I highly recommend taking up the 30 foot expansion cable. That way you get to park in the shade and have your solar panels out, working for you in the sun.

I unrolled the extension cable just to see how far it actually goes. And as you can see, the 30 feet was able to cover about 3 and a half parking spots. This is what the 30 foot long cable looks like. You can also add this to your extension that's already with your kit, which is 12 feet long creating a total of 42 feet added to your solar panel system. The extension cable itself is nice, strong, durable but also flexible, which I like 'cause I have it rolled up in my storage all the time but still maintains its shape as well as its durability.

Now this, when used with the Go Power portable system we'll be carrying up to 300 watts which is great because you are working within the capabilities of your cable. The extension cable is special in that it has a cap on the end, the extension cable that comes with your kit does not have that cap. And you can use this, just take that cap off and plug it, positive to positive, negative to negative right into your cable to power your system. In terms of storage, you're going to get this hook and loop strap that goes around your keyboards. You have it folded up.

That makes for a nice, neat look and keeps it all organized. The extension cable comes in this nice heavy duty plastic case that secures at the top. I do like the case because that way I can store it inside my camper for when I need it. And I don't have to worry about it. My final thoughts about the extension cable is I do like how it gives me more options as to where I'm setting up my solar panel system.

I don't have to worry about sticking close to my camper. And if I want to park out in the shade and have the panels out in the sun, this really helps with that. I highly recommend picking it up just in case that way you're not short when the situation calls for it. And that was a look here at the extension cable for your Go Power solar panel kits here at etrailer..

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