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Gustafson RV Light Review and Installation

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Review and How to Install the Gustafson RV Light

Randy: What's up, everybody Randy here at etrailer. Today, we're taking a look at the Gustafson RV Scare Light. Now, basically, this is just a porch light or a utility light you can use to illuminate a workspace or where you want to sit around your camper or RV. It's going to have a nice, large, oval design. Has a very good reflector in it, and it helps to promote that light coming out. It's an incandescent light.

That's why you have that more natural or that more yellow light. Has a black base on it. The base is going to be 12 inches by 5 inches. And it's going to stick off the side of your RV by about two or two and a quarter inches. It installs really easily.

It uses a two-wire system. You'll see it when we do that here in a minute, and I liked the design of it.I like the size. I don't particularly like that it's incandescent. On trailers, we often see a lot of bumping, a lot of bouncing. It gets hot and it gets cold.

And the filament in those incandescents don't seem to last a long, long time. But if I we're choosing one, I would go with an LED. You get cleaner light, you get brighter light, doesn't draw as much power and you're not going to be changing the bulbs. But if you're trying to match a light that you already have, or you're trying to stay consistent with what your RV or what your trailer came with, it's an excellent replacement option. Here's a better look at that base.

It's hard to see when we got the light on, so we turned it off. But as you can see, nice clean, sleek look. It is a surface mount, but it has a slight tilt downward.That's going to promote lighting there at the steps of your RV, and then out a little bit from it, so you can see around the area and go about your business. Something I like about this light in particular is the bowl that it uses. It's an 1156. That's going to be a very, very common bowl that's found in a lot of vehicles and they use it as a tail light bowl. So you won't have any trouble finding this if you do need to replace it. Now, as far as the installation goes, it's really straightforward. It's a two-wire design. So our white wire, we need to ground. Our black wire, we needed to provide 12 volt power to it. And you can see our attachment points there in the back. So we're going to hook these up first. We'll pop that lens off and get it installed.We're going to be using some heat shrink butt connectors here. Part number is DWS05744-5. We'll slide those in on stripped end. Crimp them down really well, you always got to pull on it, make sure it's got a good bite. To help ensure you get a good bite, you twist those wires up really tight. That way when it grabs a hold of it, it's grabbing onto something a little more solid. Then on the trailer side, black is our 12 volt power, so that's what we're going to use. Some trailers, that's different. So you just want to test to make sure. inaudible 00:03:02 And the same for a white wire and we'll be ready to attach it to the trailer.We are going to shrink these down before we do that. And to do that, we'll use a heat gun. He's a mini torch. Just want to use a heat source, but not overheat them. When using heat shrinks, that's what we're looking for. We want them to shrink down. You see a little clear gel that comes out of the end there, this is going to make sure no moisture can get in there and cause corrosion issues. Just tuck these back in. And we look at the top of the light, right in the middle, we want to squeeze the lens and pull out slightly. And then we'll lift straight up. That's going to get that out of the way for us so we can see our four attachment points right there. Now, before we get this attached to the trailer, we're going to take a couple measurements on the attachment points here to give you an idea of just how far apart they are.Looks like it's going to be one and three eights of an inch between these. And it's going to be four and a quarter inches from center to center on these. That'll give you a good idea of whether it's going to match with your attachment points, or you have the room you need to attach it. Get that positioned where we want it. We'll get one screw started, then we'll level it out. So we'll start the two bottom ones first. Those popped in. And then just pinched down slightly on the top. That's really all there is to it. Now we can just flip our switch, test it out and make sure it works properly. It's looking good. All right guys, that's going to wrap up the look at the light. We've seen how to install it. We've seen how bright it is. And overall, again, it's a good replacement. If I we're adding a light, I'd lean towards the LEDs. Just keep that in mind.

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