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Heininger Advantage SportsRack Cargo Bag Review

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Review of the Heininger Advantage SportsRack Cargo Bag

Hey, today we're going to be taking a look at the Heininger Advantage SportsRack Rooftop Storage Bag. You can see I've already got it in place here. It's actually inside my rooftop basket. Now this is sold here at You can use the storage bag directly on your roof or in a basket. So you can see I opted for the basket.

If you choose to set it directly on your roof, you want to be sure you have raised rails or a roof rack system.Now it's going to be the perfect addition to your rooftop storage basket, this way we can carry gear outside of our vehicle on our roof and it's properly secured and protected. We don't need to worry about harsh UV rays or the elements.Now it's important to understand that the bag is not waterproof. Now each strap secures the bag to your roof rack system or your basket. You can see two upfront here. Now the nice thing about these straps is they're already attached and stitched to the bag.

They're attached at the bottom, so all we have to do is run those around whatever we're securing it to through the buckle and then we pull it nice and tight. The keeper upfront is going to prevent them from flapping during travel.To access the bag you do have to disconnect the straps. That's one disadvantage about this. So we'll disconnect all the straps. You can see how everything is stitched up top to keep those cinched straps in place.

Here on the bottom you can see the straps that are attached that I mentioned earlier. They are double-stitched that way they will not become disconnected. Again, I think this is a huge plus. We don't have to worry about losing the straps. They're attached to the bag.

It's ready to strap down as soon as we get it on our roof.To open the bag we can fold the flap up. Now I would like to say that the flap is not as big as some of the other storage bags out there, so water may be more prone to getting through the zipper. So just keep that in mind when looking for a storage bag. But it does feature two large zippers so we could easily do it. You can open it all the way to the corner here and all the way to the opposite corner over here. We've got one large opening so we can easily put our gear inside of it. Now here on the underside you can see that it is a vinyl material. It's not going to harm our gear.When the bag's not in use it includes a cinch bag so we can keep it all together inside of our vehicle. So that being said, that's going to complete our look at the Heininger Advantage Storage Bag.

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