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Hollywood Racks Hitch Bike Racks Review - 2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek

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Review of the Hollywood Racks Hitch Bike Racks on a 2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek

Speaker 1: Today on our 2014 XV Crosstrek, we're going to be test fitting the Hollywood Racks sport rider SE2 platform two bike rack with cargo carrier for fat bikes, part number HR1450-85-FB. We already have our bike installed on the rack as you can see here. And we do have our cargo carrier already installed as well. Like many platform style racks, this can tilt away from the vehicle with everything still attached to gain rear hatch access. That includes the cargo carrier fully loaded. To do that, you come up to the front here, you see this pin, this snap pin here.

Lift up slightly, so we can remove that. Then pull out our quick release pin and let the rack come towards us. Now when this is fully loaded, you may want to have an extra set of hands to do this because it'd be kind of trying to do this with just one person.Now you can see we have full hatch access and we can get to everything we need with plenty of space in between the bike rack and the bumper to do so. To lift it back up, just simply lift up on the cargo carrier. We'll grab that snap pin.

Again lift up slightly to get that back through. Then put that back in place. This can carry up to two fat bikes or as you can see here we did have it switched up to where you can have just a regular cradle as well as the fat bike cradle. And this can fit fat bike tires up to five inches wide.The cargo carrier itself has a carrying capacity of 100 pounds, once it's attached to the bike rack. If you use the cargo carrier alone, just into the hitch of your vehicle, it has a weight capacity of 220 pounds.

So pretty much you can take off the cargo carrier here and just make it a bike rack. Or you can just use the cargo carrier as well. So it does have multi uses to it. Also, you can remove the cargo carrier here and replace it with another extension to add two more bikes to the rear of the bike rack and make it a four bike carrier. But this is sold separately, you can find it on the end of our cargo carrier here, we do have this anti-rattle knob and that's going to tighten it down to the area here and take out the shake and play, so it doesn't move around as much while you drive.

And how the bike is held in place, we'll have three points of contact. We'll have this padded frame hook and it's padded to make sure the frame of your bike doesn't get damaged once it's being installed. And then on both tires, we'll have these hook and loop straps to hold those in place. The wheel cradles are also adjustable back and forth by loosening and tightening the knobs here. And this is to accommodate bikes of different sizes and also to help out with loading.So let's go ahead and take the bike off. We'll start by removing our straps on both sides. And then we'll move on to our frame hook. Now as we remove our frame hook, we want to hold onto the bike because we don't want it falling into the vehicle. In fact, I may want to be on this side. It might be a little bit easier to remove it this way without having to take the handle bars on the other side there. So you just push up on the tab at the base of the hook. That'll release it and then we can grab our bike and bring it up and off.With the bike rack in this position, want to give you some quick measurements. We'll start with from the rear bumper. From the rear bumper out, with everything attached we're going to be at about 49 and a half inches that we've added to the rear of the vehicle. Now if you we're to use it as just a bike rack, you'd be about 22 and a half inches. Our ground clearance thanks to the raised shank, is going to be about 20 inches to the edge. And out closest point to the bumper, that's going to be about seven and a half inches to this edge here.Now this is the loading position, as you see it right now. We can fold it flat by coming up to the main mast here. There's a pin at the base, pull that pin out, pull down the mast, realign the holes. Now it's folded flat. And at this point, you would still have access to your rear hatch if you need it. But also when it's folded flat like this, we can put it into our third and last position, which is going to be it's folded up position. And that's for those close quarter situations such as parking. Again you come up to the quick release handle here at the front. Pull out and push up to you hear a click. And now it's folded up against the vehicle.Again measuring from the edge of the bumper, we've only added about 15 inches to the rear of the vehicle. So that made a huge difference. Our ground clearance is going to be about 10 and a half inches. And our closest point is going to be about four and a half inches to this edge here. A couple other points I'd like to point out, it does come with a cable lock to wrap around the frames of your bike to secure to your bike rack and it is keyed alike with our hitch lock, which you can see here. The hitch lock does have a rubber cover to it to protect it from any road dirt and grim while you drive. And to hold this into place and to keep it from shaking back and forth, we have an anti-rattle knob at the end of our bike rack as well, very similar to the one that's on our cargo carrier.And once that's tightened up, again it's going to take out that shake and play. So there you have it for the Hollywood Racks sport rider SE2 bike platform rack and cargo carrier for fat bikes on our 2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek.