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Hollywood Racks Hitch Bike Racks Review - 2017 Nissan Murano

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Review of the Hollywood Racks Hitch Bike Racks on a 2017 Nissan Murano

Adam: What's going on, everybody Adam here with etrailer. Today we're going to be taking a look at the Hollywood racks sport rider SE2 bike rack on our 2017 Nissan Murano. So if you have a fat tire bike, if you have an electric bike, this is going to be the rack you want. One, because it's going to be able to hold bikes up to 80 pounds. So, that's 80 pounds per bike. It's going to be able to fit wheel bases up to 60 inches and tire width up to five inches.

This is pretty much the end all be all when it comes to covering all the different segments of bike racks. So regardless of what kind of bike you have, this one is going to be able to fit it. One thing I like about it is we are going to be able to tilt it away from the vehicle.There's a little pin down here. Pull that, it's a little bit easier to kind of push up on the center mast, and then you got a little lever to pull, and then we have full access to the back hatch of our Murano. So even if you have a big fat tire bike with big old handlebars like this, and it's on the closest part of the bike rack, we don't have to worry about losing the access to the back of our hatch.

That's something I look for. I just want to buy something that's not going to limit me in the long run. This one really doesn't. It doesn't limit you with what kind of bikes you can put on it really, and it really doesn't limit your car at all. Especially with this Murano, whenever it goes back up, I always like to replace the pin of course, and that's just about it.So we are going to be able to, like I said before, up to 60 inches in wheelbase, but even the smaller bikes, so if you're bringing the kiddos along or something like that, we can adjust these cradles.

Just got to loosen them up and they're going to be able to slide along the mast down here. So don't worry about the kiddos' bikes not being able to fit. They will fit. For your step through bikes, you might need to get a bike adapter. It's just an adapter bar that goes from your seat to your handlebars.

This one, we didn't really need it, but for the step through bikes, you're definitely going to need that.One thing I like, we have locks. It comes with the bike rack. You don't have to buy them separately. And you're going to get keys that are keyed alike with the hitch lock and also our little hooks here. So if you look on the other side, we are going to have a little locking core, and that's going to lock it into place. So let's go ahead and take the bike off the rack. It's somewhat easier to take one off of the front, but I put one on the back just to show you how difficult that'll be. We have little straps here and have a little rubber coating too. So if you got shiny new wheels, you don't have to worry about them scratching. It's going to the same exact thing for back here. And I always take the frame hook off last, just because that's pretty much what's holding the bike upright. Once you do that, you can go ahead and kind of shimmy this guy out, and then we can set it to the side.So our center mast is going to pull down, this little pin here. You got to rotate it. It has a cable connected to it, so you're not going to lose it. I lose everything, so that's nice that that is there. Fold it down and replace the pin, and we are pretty much done with that. I do want to go ahead and take a couple of different measurements. We want to measure from pretty much where the hitch is all the way to the very end here. Just to give you an idea of exactly how far it's going to sit off the back end of the vehicle. So from the center of the hitch pin hole, all the way to the end of this cradle here, it's going to be about 33 inches. And from that point all the way down, it's going to be about 16 and a half inches.We do have a seven and a half inch rise with this shank and we will need a two inch hitch receiver to be able to use this bike rack. Another thing I like is we have another lock down here. So we're going to be able to lock the bikes to the rack and the rack to our hitch. And that will be keyed alike, so you don't have to fiddle around with a bunch of other different keys. The cord just comes right in, and it does have an anti-rattle device. It's not a threaded hitch pin, which I like, because you put it in there and then there is a little lever on the back end here. Right here. And that's going to tighten it down.I like that a lot better than the anti-rattle bolts, just because they cross thread some of the times. And also it's really, really difficult to get that line perfectly lined up, getting that hole lined up. So this is definitely one of the easier anti-rattle systems you can get. And of course we can fold it up against the Murano if we're not using it to haul bikes and we don't want to take it out, and that's going to cut down our length to about 18 inches. So if you have some heavy bikes, if you got some odd frame bikes or something like that, this is definitely going to be the bike rack for you. Again, this was the Hollywood racks sport rider se two on our 2017 Nissan Murano.

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