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Hollywood Racks Hitch Bike Racks Review - 2020 Chrysler Pacifica

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Review of the Hollywood Racks Hitch Bike Racks on a 2020 Chrysler Pacifica

Adam: Hi everyone, Adam with Today we're going to be taking a look at the Hollywood Racks Destination 2 on our 2020 Chrysler Pacifica. This one in particular, I'm showing this today just because it does have a significant rise to our shank, but we do have a 4-bike rack version as well. So, if you don't think you'll be going up any steep driveways or off-roading, I do think the 4-bike rack version would be a good choice just because this thing can hold quite a bit of passengers. But, if you guys are just planning on taking two bikes with you, maybe even off-road or something like that, this one's going to have a little bit more ground clearance than some of the others.So, let's go ahead and just talk about how it straps into our bike. We have two wheel cradles front and back.

They're going to have a little strap here. All we got to do is just click this to get it undone. There is a little sleeve on there, and that's just going to protect that bike wheel frame from getting any scratches or anything like that.A nice thing about it is we do have two different holes. We have one here and also another one further back. For those smaller wheel base bikes, we can actually move this just to be able to accommodate for those smaller, shorter bikes.

Also, it is going to be able to tilt like so, so we do have a little bit of an arch there. We're going to be able to accommodate for that shape. That's going to be definitely a plus with this one. I really do think that the Destination does a good job at conforming to different types of bikes. We're going to have the same thing back here.

Another reason why it's really good at conforming to bikes is just this center mast here. I have it to where it's tilted a little bit to the right. But we're going to have three holes here. So this one right here is going to tilt a little to the right. You can do it straight up and down and also a little tilted to the left.

Again, that's just to accommodate for those different types of bikes that you have.Then, the straps here are going to be able to go up and down. This whole center mast, they're going to be coated in rubber and with the same exact strap as our wheel straps. The cool thing about this thing is, check it out, it rotates 360 degrees, so as of over here I just put it over to that side but rotated it like that just to meet that shape of the bike itself. I do think it does a really good job. If you have guys have a direct amount of different types of bikes, I do think this one's going to be able to get it secured down properly and just get you a somewhat custom fit for your specific bike.Let's just go ahead and take that last strap off. I do suggest just putting a hand on your bike when you do this. This is going to be the same mechanism as the others. Now we can go ahead and just take this bike off the rack.I always just try to replace my straps when I'm not using them. It's just something I like to do. What I'm going to do is just measure and see how much length we added to the back of our vehicle, and also ground clearance. The length, we're adding about 23-1/2". At that point, we're going to have about 18-1/2" of ground clearance. But it does come down a little bit by the wheels. At that point it's only going to be about 14-1/2" of ground clearance. Just be mindful of that. This Pacifica doesn't really sit a whole lot off the ground. But, if you're putting it on another car also, I do not think we'll have any issues bottoming out.Let's go ahead and break this thing down just to see if we can actually tilt it up towards the vehicle. But first we got to undo this. We can just loosen it a little bit. We don't have to take it completely out, just enough to get this little lever done like so. Just to show you guys since we're down here, all you got to do to make it lean the other way is just put it in that bottom hole. Then, as you can see, now we have it tilted the same amount we had before but just to the left. Of course, the center one is going to be the one that keeps it completely upright.But, whenever we are putting this in the down position, we don't really have to worry about that. We might have to rotate these around a little bit. I haven't really found the best way to keep these. Most of them, I just put it on the inside like that, and just rotate this up a little bit. Just put it in like that just so it lays nice and flat on this bar.Now we can tilt it up towards the vehicle. We're going to have a little pin here. It is going to be a threaded knob. We're going to unthread that, pull it. You don't have to worry about losing it just because it is connected. Then we can go ahead and tilt that up. With it down, and our center mast down, we will be able to gain access to our back hatch, which is always a plus. You do get that feature with this bike rack, but your bikes need to be off, and the center mast needs to be down. Now we can shut this.Now you just go like that, replace the little knob here. Then, obviously, just replace our pin. In this position, let's measure ground clearance. I'm going to say about here, we still going to be around that 14" point, which is decent. I don't think we'll have any issues bottoming out, especially since it's not too far out from the bumper. In this instance, it's probably going to be this part here, which is going to be about a foot, a foot out from our bumper. I don't think we'll have any issues bottoming out or anything like that. And, even if you have a smaller garage or something, it does break down quite a bit, so I don't think we'll have any issues fitting in there.Does comes with a locking core on the end of our anti-rattle bolt. Not all bike racks do, and I just suggest it just because it makes it difficult for people to just come and steal your bike rack. Another thing is we have a little cap that goes over it, so it is going to resist that rust and corrosion from all that water and moisture getting in there.Our shank here, we do have a little sleeve which makes it compatible with a 2" hitch receiver, but we can take that off and it will be compatible with this 1-1/4" hitch as well. It's always nice buying a product that will go on multiple different hitches, and also buying a product that won't rattle in your hitch. This one does come with an anti-rattle bolt. Not all of them do. But, as you can see, the car is really moving and we don't have any movement on the inside of our shank, so you guys don't have to worry about listening to that thing rattle whenever you're going down the road.Other than that, hopefully this video helped you guys make your decision whether or not this is going to be the right fit for you or what kind of features you are going to be looking for or not looking for in a bike rack. Again, this was the Hollywood Racks Destination 2 platform-style bike rack on our 2020 Chrysler Pacifica.

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