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Hollywood Racks Over-the-Top 2 Bike Rack Review

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Review of the Hollywood Racks Over-the-Top 2 Bike Rack

Well take the strap and seat it in between the rear hatch and the back of the vehicle. Well slide it up and rest the ring on top of the vehicle and repeat the same steps for the other hatch strap.Now, with both straps in position we can simply shut the hatch door. Now with the straps in place, you can pull them out and theyll pinch between the hatch and the back of the vehicle to prevent the strap from coming out. The second way you can attach the bike rack to the vehicle is by the side rail mount. We have these adapter straps here, which we will slide on the underside of the side rail, pad side down. Theres this little tab on one end of the strap. Well take the D-ring and insert it into a 90 degree angle through the other D-ring. We can pull it tight. This pad will rest on the side rail to prevent any scratches and abrasions and the hooks from the bike rack will attach here.Now, the other way you can attach it if youre not comfortable with attaching it to your side rails are the cross bar mounts. Now youll use the same strap which you would use to attach to the side rail to the cross bar, which youll do the same exact way. Go over here remembering the pad side down, inserting the D-ring at a 90 degree angle into the other D-ring and then pulling it tight. Now if you were actually going to install the strap onto the crossbar you want to make sure that the straps are inward of the connection point onto the side rails, but just for this demonstration purpose well just show you how this attaches and then the hook of the bike rack will then hook onto the D-ring and then pull tight giving you a strong hold preventing contact from your spoiler.Now keep in mind when using the straps on the side rail of the vehicle or on your crossbars the straps will need to be symmetrical, so one on each side. Were now ready to install it onto the vehicle. Well flip out the three black levers on each side of the bike rack. Now well go ahead and set the bottom part onto the bumper. Well then unfold the larger part as well as the smaller part of the bike rack which the smaller part will need to be as far up on the rear hatch as possible to give us clearance of these straps to not interfere or put any downward pressure on our spoiler. Once we have it in position we can then clamp down the levers. Now if the levers seem too easy to clamp down and theres some space in between the gears theres a knob on the other side of the black lever that you can simply just turn to tighten any slack.Now that we have it pretty much centered well go ahead and start off with showing you how you connect it straight to the connection point between the rear hatch and the vehicle. Well just be using the clips which would simply fit right into the slot. So well do the top straps first. Well help prevent the bike rack from falling off while youre trying to install it. Now these hooks are coated in a rubber paint, which will help protect your vehicle from getting scratched. Once both of the hooks are in place we can then pull our strap making sure its not twisted. Now you dont want to tighten the straps down too tight as that could pull up and put upward pressure on since we dont have the bottom straps hooked in yet.Now with this done we can go ahead and take the other straps to go around the side of the rear hatch as well as the bottom of the rear hatch. Well start off with the bottom hooks. Once again these hooks are coated in a rubber paint so it will help protect your vehicle from getting scratched. Now at times you may need to open up your hatch to be able to get the hooks into position. Now with those in place we can tighten down our straps. Now that the bottom one is in place you can go ahead with the side straps. Now you want to kind of get the side straps as parallel with the connection point on the bike rack, remembering not to get them too tight as we dont want to offset the bike rack. Now that weve kind of made sure our straps are all in place, reduce the majority of the slack and made sure they werent all twisted we can now go ahead and fully tighten all the straps and secure the bike rack to the vehicle.Now I went ahead and started reducing as much slack in the bottom that way we can fully tighten them at the top. Then go back down to the bottom and finish off with the sides. Now with everything all tightened down and secured we can just secure the excess straps by either tying the straps to a piece of the bike rack or by folding it up and pinching it between the connection strap and the rear hatch. Now once again you may see that the strap is making contact with the top portion of the spoiler, but what is most important is that the bike rack is not putting any downward pressure on the spoiler. Now with the bike rack fully secured to the vehicle well go ahead and show you how the top straps attach to each different type of connection.First, well start with the hatch straps. Well first need to just loosen up the top straps and remove the hook from the space between the rear hatch and the top of the car. Well then fully remove this strap as well be installing a different strap which will connect to this attachment D-ring. Well take this quick strap adapter, which has the padded protection pad. Well take the end of this feed it through this buckle and as you can see theres a hook right here on the inside of this pad. Let this rest on here. Well take the D-ring, connect it to that hook and then pull the strap tight. Well then close the hook and loop fasteners. As you can see this will further protect your care from getting scratched. Well then just repeat the same process for the other side.Now with both straps attach we can then just tighten them down. Well then just secure the excess slack as we did for the previous attachment. Well now go ahead and show you how to attach the bike rack to the raised side rail adapter. Like we showed you earlier well thread this around the side rail with the pad side down, insert the D-ring at a 90 degree angle and pull it through. We can then untie this, loosen up this strap with the same clip that we used for the hatch mount. Well come up here and attach this mount. Well just pull the strap kind of tight and again close this so we dont scratch the side rail or the paint. Now remember this is just for demonstration purposes so if you did use the side rail mount you wouldnt have the rear hatch connection point in there.Now well move to the other side of the vehicle and repeat the same steps. Now that we have both straps in place we can finish tightening them down to secure the bike rack to the vehicle. We can then secure the excess straps and were ready to go. The last way were going to be showing you is how to attach it to your vehicles crossbars. Now we already had it hooked up with the raised side rail connection point so well simply undo this connection and take the anchor strap which was previously around the side rail and go around the crossbar. Now remember youll go with the fabric side, pad down to protect your crossbar from any scratches or abrasions. Wrap it around like we did and insert the D-ring into the other D-ring.Well then take the clip with the fabric pad around it and well make that connection point. Now we can then close this which will again help to secure the two connection points together and prevent it from damaging your car. Now again you dont want to tighten this strap too tight yet as that will cause the bike rack to twist to one side of the vehicle. So well move over to the other side and repeat the same process. Now with both straps in place and semi-tightened down we can go ahead and completely finish tightening them down. Now with everything all tightened down we can then tie down or secure the excess strap. Now with the straps secured to the crossbars you can see that we have a lot of room in between the straps and the rear spoiler.Now that weve gone over each of the four different types of attachments, you can see that for each attachment point we have a different amount of room between the straps and the vehicle which can accommodate for different size spoilers. Now with our bike rack all secure to our vehicle were ready to load up our bike. Well first flip out the bottom set of black levers to bring out our dual arm. Now the dual arms do need to be level or slightly angled up to ensure that the bike will ride correctly. Once we have this in place well lock our arms remembering that if the gears are a little bit loose or if the levers are not locking down tight enough you can turn these knobs on the inside of the levers to tighten them down more.Well then take our bike, set it into the frame cradles and bring the strap around the frame. Now youll want to make sure that the cradle with the anti-sway part is up against the bottom portion of the feet post of the bike frame. Well then bring the anti-sway strap around as well as the other two remaining straps. Now one important thing to remember when carrying one bike is that it needs to be loaded closest to the vehicle. Now that our bikes are all loaded up well go ahead and take it for a test drive to show you how it looks driving down the road. With that, that will complete todays review of the Hollywood Racks over the top truck mounted two bike carrier for vehicles with spoilers, part number HRF2.

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