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Hollywood Racks Over-the-Top Trunk Bike Racks Review - 2009 Kia Spectra

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Review of the Hollywood Racks Over-the-Top Trunk Bike Racks on a 2009 Kia Spectra

Today on our 2009 Kia Spectra, we're doing a test fit of the Hollywood Racks Over the Top Trunk Mount 2-Bike Carrier. That part number is HRF2. We already have our bike secured, we're just going to show you how we do that, and then we'll go over some features. We have two cradles in place with three straps; two on our frame, and one is our anti-sway strap in the back. We're just going to pull down and lift up to release those, and we'll pull our bike straight off our rack, and set it off to the side. With our bike out of the way, I always suggest that you replace your straps so you don't lose or damage them. Now we'll take a few measurements. Our first one is going to be the overall that we're adding to the back of our vehicle, with our arms hanging out, it's going to be about 22-1/2".

If we wanted to park in a place with close quarters parking, we come to the outside, open up our bottom latches here, and then we can rotate those arms down. If they're not loose enough, you can always loosen them up using our knobs here. We'll rotate those down until those notches line up again. Now we're only adding about 12-1/2" to our vehicle. How our bike rack is secured down, we have six straps total. We've got two up around the top portion of our trunk, two at our light, one at each side, and two down at the bottom holding the bottom portion of our trunk.

A great thing about this rack is that it comes with multiple rubber and foam pads so if any portion of your bike rack sits on your vehicle, you won't have any scratches or abrasions. Another great thing about this rack is that it does go overany kind of spoiler you may have, like you see here. It'll fit right over and won't make contact. Then we've got our straps tightened down and secured out of the way as well. To adjust any of the arms or legs on here, you'll use our knobs on the sides. We use these two here for our middle portion, and then we use our top two for that portion that's going to sit right on our trunk.

That's going to be our completed look at the Hollywood Racks Over the Top Trunk Mount 2-Bike Rack, part number HRF2 on our 2009 Kia Spectra, and now let's see how it does on our test course.