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Hollywood Racks Sport Rider 2 Bike Rack for Fat Bikes Review

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Review of the Hollywood Racks Sport Rider 2 Bike Rack for Fat Bikes

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the Hollywood Racks Sport Rider Two-Bike Rack for Fat Bikes, part number HR1000Z-FB.The Hollywood Racks Sport Rider is a bike rack that's going to allow us to carry a wide variety of bikes. Here we've got a fat bike, and we've got a standard bike. Now in this kit, you're going to get a total of eight wheel cradles. You'll get four standard cradles, which will allow us to carry bikes with tires up to 3" wide, and you'll get four fat tire cradles, and this will allow you to carry fat tires up 5" wide. Now, it secures our bikes by their top tube. The frame hook puts down-pressure on that top tube into the wheel cradles, and then a hook-and-loop keeps our wheels in place.When you're ready to hit the trails, your bikes quickly come off.

Just undo your hook-and-loop straps, raise up that frame hook, and you're good to go. This is a lot better and a lot easier than having to undo a rubber strap. Those are unreliable, and they could break or crack over time. Here you can see that the frame hook is adjustable along that center mast. That way we can easily remove our bikes and secure our bikes.

This also allows it to work with different size bikes. Now, that frame hook is rubber coated, so it won't harm that top tube on our bike and it's also lockable. That way no one can remove our bikes but us.Here at the base, both those standard bike cradles and those fat bike cradles are adjustable along that platform. That way they'll work with bikes with different size wheel bases. Now, all those cradles install the same way.

They're very easy to interchange. What you'll want to do is you'll want to grab that Phillips heads screw and take that out the bottom. It acts as sort of a lock. That way we cannot accidentally slide the cradles off. So with it loosened up, can slide it off like so and slide that other cradle on.

Once we get it to our desired position and we just tighten up that knob, and we're good to go.Now, let's say you've got to load or unload something from your rear hatch. As you can see, we don't have a whole lot of room here, especially with our crank sticking out. Even if we try to open up our rear hatch, we really can't get anything large out of the back here. The nice thing is the Sport Rider tilts away so we can easily access that, and you can do that by removing the two pins. So we'll pull out on that first one. Now you're going to have to pick up on the bike rack so you could easily remove these pins, and then you'll have to remove that second snapper pin.From there, we can tilt it away until it rests. Then we'll open up that rear hatch, and we've got more room to access. Now, as you could see depending on our bike and our vehicle, we may have a little more or a little less room to do all of this. In order to pick it back up, you'll have to lift up or have somebody help you, so you can replace those pins. I'm going to do that smaller pin first just so I can get it underneath, clip it on either side, and then I'll repeat that same process with the larger pin.Let's go ahead and take off this fat bike so we can check out some of the other cool features. We'll start by undoing our hook-and-loop straps first. Now, there's a few different ways that we can do this. As you can see, with our fat bike being our first bike that we loaded up, we don't really have a whole lot of room to work with. We don't have a lot of space between the bike rack and the vehicle, so Hollywood Racks gives us some options.We can take a Phillips head screwdriver and remove the Phillips head screw just behind the center mast. Let's go ahead and do that. From there, we can actually take off those frame hooks. So that's one more thing out of our way so we can take it off. If we want to take it a step further, we can actually fold this down to the right. We'll remove the pin down here at the base, fold it down, and voila, as you can see, we can take off that bike without it being difficult.Now, we can either replace these frame hooks or just leave them off for next time. Since our center mast is folded down, we've got more than enough room to open up that rear hatch all the way. We'll just place those in there, and to keep this locked in place, we'll go ahead and take our pin and put it here. Now, a unique feature about these pins is they don't use any clips to keep them in place once they pass through. They actually feature a little tab that when lined up with the notch in the hole, push through and then turn, they cannot be removed.Now, you can stow the bike rack in this position as we're driving around town, or if you'd like, we can remove that pin, raise it up, giving us even more clearance. Replace the pin to keep it locked down, and this would be ideal for pulling in your garage or in a tight parking spot.With the Sport Rider folded up, let's go ahead and take a look at the shank. You can see as it's actually giving us a little bit of a rise. It's actually 5" to be exact. Not only is this going to give us a better ground clearance here at the very back, it's going to give us a more comfortable loading height for when loading up our bikes. Now, the Sport Rider can work with a 2" or 1-1/4" receiver. It includes an anti-rattle bolt and lock. This is so no one can remove our bike rack but us. I would like to say that the keys that are included are keyed alike to our frame hooks keys.Go ahead and take that off and show you this anti-rattle bolt. With everything all tightened up, we're able to shake the entire vehicle and there's no play. We'll loosen that up a little bit and show you the difference. As you can see, there's a lot of play there. This is a step up compared to some older bike racks that just use a standard pin. We'll take this all the way out and we'll give you a closer look at that included sleeve that goes over the shank that adapts it to a 2" x 2" receiver. It comes with an Allen wrench so we can easily do this. Now, we're ready to slide into that 1-1/4" receiver and we're good to go.Once we're ready to put it on our hitch, we'll slide it in place, line up our pinholes, start threading that through. It's a lot faster if you go ahead and hand tighten it, get it all the way there, and then we can tighten it up the rest of the way with a 3/4" wrench or socket. Get it nice and secure, give it a good shake test as we showed you before. Make sure all that rattle and play is removed, put on our lock, and we're good to go.Now, like all Hollywood Racks, this Trail Rider is made out of a sturdy steel construction with a nice black powder coat finish, so it's going to be resistant to the elements. It's going to hold up for a long time. Now, it also has a weight capacity of 45 pounds per bike. So, we could rest assure it's going to carry our two bikes, our two fat bikes, and they'll be safe down the road. Now, it also features a limited lifetime warranty. Let's go ahead and load up some bikes and take it out on our test course and see how it performs.Let's start with the slalom. This shows side-to-side action such as turning corners or evasive maneuvering. Then onto our solid speed bumps, this shows up-and-down action such as driving through a parking lot or parking garage or driving in and out of a driveway. And last of all, to our alternating speed bumps, this shows twisting action such as hitting curbs, potholes, road debris, or uneven pavement. That's going to complete our look at the Hollywood Racks Sport Rider Two-Bike Rack for Fat Bikes, part number HR1000Z-FB.