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Hollywood Racks rail Rider 2 Fat Bike Rack Review

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Review of the Hollywood Racks rail Rider 2 Fat Bike Rack

Today we're gonna be taking a look at the Hollywood Racks Trail Rider 2 platform style 2 bike rack for fat bikes. Part number HR200Z-Facebook.The Hollywood Racks Trail Rider is a premium back rack. It's gonna allow us to carry a wide variety of bikes. Here we've got a fat bike, a standard mountain bike, but it will also carry road bikes, women's and children's bikes, and bikes with alternative frame styles. It does this by securing our bike's top tube. It puts down pressure on that top tube into the cradles.

And then a hook and loop strap secures our wheels in place.While we're down here at the cradles, let's talk about the bikes' spacing. Center on center, we've got about 12 inches, this is gonna keep bike to bike contact down to a minimum. I've gone ahead and taken off the bikes so we can take a closer look. While this bike rack doesn't tilt away like most platform style racks, the center mass does fold backward so it can access that rear hatch. You simply pull the pin and fold it backward.

That way we've got more than enough room to remove any cargo, gear, groceries, anything we might have with us on our trip. The advantage to this is, you don't have to worry about tilting the whole bike rack back up with bikes loaded and having it be heavy. All of the movement is just in the center mast. The disadvantage is, you don't have as much room to load and unload your gear since it doesn't tilt away.The frame hooks themselves are rubber coated, that way they don't cause any damage to our bike's top tube. Now they're also adjustable along the center mast, that way they'll work with bikes of different sizes.

They're also lockable. This is a premium feature. A lot of other bike racks, you have to pick up locking cores separately or they simply do not have the option to lock. Here at the base, the wheel cradles are adjustable along the platform. That way they'll work with bikes with different size wheel bases.

Once you've got it set, you can tighten that knob back up.Now you get four fat tire cradles and four standard tire cradles. The fat cradles will allow you carry a fat tire up to five inches wide, the standard will be three inches wide. They're very easy to change out. You want to remove the Philip's head screw from the bottom on each side, loosen up the knob, and then easily slide it off. So if you're carrying two standard bikes, you'll want two standard cradles on each side. Put that back in place and we're ready to go. It offers a five inch shank rise, not only is this gonna give us better ground clearance, here at the very back, but it's also gonna give us a higher loading height. That way it's less strenuous on our backs.When the Trail Rider is not in use, the platform folds up. You'll remove these two pins here, fold them up and reinsert them to lock them in place. I'd like to point out that the pins do not actually use clips to hold them in place. They actually feature a tab that when lined up with the notch on the hole, pass through and when turned, they cannot be removed.While you can drive around with it and this stowed position, this is more ideal for stowing it off the vehicle. It's not gonna take up a whole lot of space storing it in your garage or on a shelf. Now that I've gone over the features, I'll go ahead and show you how to get it installed.Now in order to use this bike rack, you do need to have a hitch receiver. The nice thing is, it can be a two inch by two inch, or an inch and a quarter by an inch and a quarter. That's class one or two. It actually includes a sleeve that goes over the inch and a quarter shank that allows it to work with a two inch by two inch receiver which is what we have here today. If you had an inch and a quarter receiver, you would simple remove that sleeve and it work out the same way. The only thing we need to do is slide it in and line up our hitch pin holes. Once we've got it lined up, we can take our included anti-rattle bolt and thread that through on the passenger side. You know the nice thing about this anti-rattle bolt is that it's gonna help reduce all that play and rattle within our hitch receiver and our bike rack. So you can see here with just at hand tightened, we've got a lot of play. Once we tighten that up all the way, we'll give it another shake.So we can use a 3/4 inch wrench or socket, go ahead and tighten it up the rest of the way. So now, as you can see we're shaking the entire there. There is no play within the bike rack and the hitch. Then we could just put our lock on the other side. It just simply snaps on. Now the lock is included. The nice thing about this is no one's gonna be able to remove our bike rack from our hitch receiver. Now it includes two keys. They are keyed alike to our frame hooks. That way we have less keys to worry about.When it's secured into our hitch receiver, we can lower it down to the platform position and load up our bikes. So we'll pull those pins, lower them down, and reinsert the pins. From here you want to decide what bikes you'll be carrying. Since we're gonna be carrying a fat bike and standard mountain bike, our cradles are all set to go. Now we're about ready to load up our bikes. So we want to be sure that our hook and loop straps are undone on our wheel cradles and we already know that our center mast tilts away we can easily open up our rear hatch, but what we can do is use it to our advantage when loading up our bikes. This is gonna make it way easier. So let's go ahead and pull that pin, tilt it away, and grab our first bike.Now Hollywood Racks recommends that you load up the heaviest bike first. For us that's gonna be our fat tire bike. So we'll bring it up and rest it in the cradles. But you can see rather than having to lift it up over that center mast, this is way easier, since the fat bikes can be a bit awkward. With it in place, if we need to adjust that cradle back or forward a little bit, no big deal, we'll just loosen up that knob, and you can kind of pick up on the back here and slide it towards you. Once it's set, just re-tighten it up and we're good to go. Now we can raise that center mast back up and we'll lower that hook down just a little bit to keep our bike in place, leave a little bit of play so we can still reinsert that pin. Then we'll just give it a good push, and we're ready to secure our wheels. And you can see here how the fat bike cradles give us that longer hook and loop strap so we can easily secure those fat bike wheels. We'll just go over that wheel, through the loop, and then back to itself.With one bike in place, let's go ahead and load up that second bike. It's just as easy. Now we're ready to get on our way.Now let's take it out on our test course and see how it performs. Here on our test course, let's first go into our slalom. This is going to show side to side action such as going around corners or evasive maneuvering. Then onto our solid speed bumps. This is gonna show an up and down action such as pulling in and out of the driveway, or out of a parking lot. And then finally onto our alternating speed bumps, this is gonna show a twisting action such as going over potholes or uneven pavement.And that's gonna complete our look at the Hollywood Racks Trail Rider 2, platform style two bike rack for fat bikes. Part number HR200Z-FB.

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