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Hollywood Racks Trail Rider 2 Fat Bike Rack Review

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Review of the Hollywood Racks Trail Rider 2 Fat Bike Rack

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Hollywood Racks Trail Rider two bike rack for fat tire bikes for 1-1/4" and 2" hitches. Part number HR200-FB. The Trail Rider can carry up to two fat tire bikes, or as you can see in this configuration, one fat tire bike and one regular bike. This is a very easy to use bike rack. It simply clamps down your bikes by the frames and then it has hook and loop straps to hold your wheels in place. So you pretty much don't need any use of stabilization straps for this bike rack. The wheel wells for the fat tire bike can accommodate wheel sizes up to 5" wide, and the cradles themselves are adjustable to accommodate different size bikes, and to assist with loading. To do that you just simply loosen up the knobs and you can move them accordingly.

Once you really have them in the spot you want them in, just tighten them back down by turning them to the right. Now the main mast does fold down by pulling this pin at the base like so and letting it fold away. With the mast folded down, this serves two functions. It can actually make it easier to load the bike closer to the vehicle, and it also gives you rear hatch access, so now you can get whatever you need. Now how this actually attaches to the hitch, we're going to have an anti-rattle bolt and clip here, and that's going to take out the shake and play in the shank, and make for a much smoother ride. The bike rack also has a raised shank so even if your hitch is lowered to the ground, clearance between the bike rack and the ground won't be a problem. Right now we have the bike rack in what's called the loading position. There's one other position we can show you, and this is called the suitcase position which is more so for when you're going to be pulling it out of the vehicle, and placing it up for storage in either your garage or your basement.

To put it in the suitcase position, we'll pull the pins at the base here where the wheel well arms are, lift them up, realign the holes, and insert the pins. We'll do this for the other side as well. Now it's folded up in the suitcase position and ready for storage. Now that we've gone over some of the features of the bike rack, let's go ahead and show you how it installs. We'll first lift it up and place it into our shank. Let's line up our pin holes.

That looks good. Then we'll take our anti-rattle bolt and start to thread it through. Now to tighten it down the rest of the way, you can either use a wrench around the house, or today we're going to be using a 3/4" socket. I'll go and put our pin through. Now we're ready to unfold it. All right, now to unfold our arms, we're going to come to the base here and you'll see these two pins.

We're going to pull those out and then fold out our arms. Now to do that, you want to turn them to this side, because there's a little bump that actually holds them into place, and that's how you would take them out. Go ahead and do this on both sides like so, and here's the bump that I was talking about. Then we'll bring our arms down, line up the holes again, and insert our pins. You may need to kind of shake them in at first, because they're a little tight, and turn them to the side so they can't come back out. We'll go ahead and get it ready for our first bike. We're first to undo the hook and loop straps. We already got our hooks raised up to the highest point. Next we're actually going to lower the main mast here, and this is going to make it easier to load bikes towards the vehicle. We'll swing up our pin here and we'll let the mast come towards us. Then we'll take our bike and lift it into place, and make any adjustments to the wheel cradles that we need to. We'll go and lift up our mast, reinsert our pin so it stays into place, turn it down, and we'll go ahead and push our hook down. Now we can attach our hook and loop straps trying to get in between the spokes. All right, now we'll go ahead and load up our second bike. With both of our bikes loaded up, now we'll go ahead and take it on our test course, and show you how it looks. First we take it onto our slalom course. This will show you the side to side action such as making turns or evasive maneuvers. Now we're at the alternating speed bumps. This will show you how it looks driving on uneven pavement or potholes. Finally, we're at the sold speed bumps, which stimulates going into your driveway or parking lots. And there you have it for the Hollywood Racks Trail Rider two bike rack for fat tire bikes. Part number HR200-FB.

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