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Hopkins Backup Sensor System Review

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Review of the Hopkins Backup Sensor System

Hi there adventurers. Today, we're going to be taking a look at universal Backup Sensing System. And this is what our Backup Sensing System looks like when it's installed. It is a universal system that comes with a bracket that mounts right onto your license plate. It's actually installed just behind the license plate and it gives a location for your license plate to install. You can see the corners of the license plate do slide up behind the sensors there.

Each sensor has an adjustable tilt to it. And this is really just to help out with its universal design because some vehicles it's up higher than others. On our Grand Caravan here we want to point it down fairly low because it's up so high on this particular vehicle. Other vehicles we're going to be down in the bumper. Those ones you would want to adjust more straight and potentially even upward, it just depends really on the height adjustment.You'll find it in your instructions.

It will outline relatively how high your license plate is and a suggested angle depending on that height. The system also comes with all the wiring that you're going to need to get it installed. Now on our Caravan here, we did have some issues with the length of wiring, just due to the location of the license plate here being in the lift gate, it did require a lot of extra routing that most vehicles won't need. So with this particular vehicle, we did need some extra wire to complete the install. But other than that, we do have everything we need there.

It wires into your backup lights on your vehicles, so every time you place it in reverse, it automatically turns the system on for you. And this is nice because we really don't want that system to be on all the time.If you we're to wire it just the power, sure it would work. But the issue is if you we're just driving down the road and somebody was tailgating pretty close behind you, it could activate the system. By putting it on the reverse circuit that ensures that it's only going to work when we want it to work. This is going to be great for parking maneuvers, backing up maybe to a trailer.

Camera's a little bit better for a trailer, but again, parking in your garage or any tight spaces where you want to get the vehicle as close to the wall as possible to make room for the other people that are living at the house or for a clear path down your driveway, whichever you need, this is going to help ensure you can get the best position without coming into contact with anything. There is a speaker that comes with it that provides an audible beep. The system detects at a maximum of five and a half feet and has three different zones.The furthest away is going to be the slowest beat, you can tell, it speeds up as things get closer and it does that because if you've ever played Mario, when you're running out of time and it speeds up, it makes you feel like, oh no, something's about to happen. So I like the way it does increase the beep, letting you know you're getting closer. And it works in increments at five and a half the furthest, at three and a half is the second zone and then at one and a half feet you enter the third and final zone, which will detect all the way up until you're right up at the vehicle. So here's one example, we're in a parking lot here. We're going to go ahead and back into this spot so that way when we're done, we can get out of here real quick and we can hear it's beeping already, detecting the vehicles next to us.We're going to try and get as close as possible to this car behind us though, because we don't want to be sticking out into the alleyway leaving our vehicle susceptible someone swiping across the front. So we're getting pretty close, it's beeping pretty fast. Let's see how close we can get. That's pretty close right there, so that's going to be our quickest, fastest beep. That means we are in the final zone right now. We are as close as we can possibly get. Another useful scenario is when backing out of your garage. As you're backing up, somebody could walk across and we've got our collision detection right there. It's coming off. Somebody's in our danger zone, we we're able to hit the brakes and stop without any accidents. We can check our surroundings and then continue backing out.When backing up, that's one of the times when you're at your most vulnerable, because you're just not used to driving in that direction. You have to turn around, you have to use your mirrors and there's a lot of blind spots when going backwards. A camera system is a great option, but you're limited to just what you can see behind you. With a sensing system, it puts a broader range behind you and the audible sensors will allow you to be able to hear if there's anything in your detection range that you might come into a collision with, so that just further increases your safety. Even if you do, again, have a camera system, this is another layer that can really help out a lot. It's great for both cars, trucks, and SUV's due to the universal design of the mount. It easily mounts right behind your license plate on any vehicle and the wiring is extremely simple to get installed. And that completes our look at universal Backup Sensing System..

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