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Hopkins Duo Air Freshener And Odor Eliminator Vent Sticks Review

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Review of the Hopkins Duo Air Freshener And Odor Eliminator Vent Sticks

After a hard day of work or a long day of play, you don't want to bring those odors from outside back into your vehicle with you. With Duo's odor eliminator, we can knock out those odors and then replace it with a more appealing fragrance. It does this using Duo's patented design. Each of their fragrances feature two parts, one that eliminates the odors and the other part that applies a scented fragrance. There are several different fragrances available. We currently have new car installed in here, but you can also pick up linen, spring, fresh berry, and vanilla.

Each of these scents feature the dual part system and all of their fragrances use essential oils so they won't be overpowered. They come in a pack of four, so if you have multiple vehicles, they can all experience the same fresh fragrance. Or you could just have one in one vehicle and replace it over time as the fragrance gets weaker. Or you could just put all four right into your dash right away and get a blast of fresh scent.Since there is four of them, you don't have to worry that when you open up your package here that the other ones are going to start losing their scent. Each one is individually packaged in a small section, so you have to bust it open through the foil here on the back.

So, you don't have to worry about your other ones losing their fragrance as long as you don't bust the aluminum seal. These clips directly onto your event, so whenever you turn your blower motor on, the air that passes across it is going to fill the entire cab of your vehicle.When you go to install your air freshener, you'll notice on the two blades coming off the back, they are loaded together, so they want to close, and you'll see there's three small little tangs there. That locks it in onto your vents blades to prevent it from coming off. To put it on, you simply just push it in there and it'll clip into place. You'll see when you go to try to pull it back, it's got some resistance to it due to those little lock tabs holding it in place.Now, if we just give it a nice, good little tug, it will come off of there, but this way we can be ensured that driving down the road, no rattles are just going to have it fall out of there..

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