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Hopkins DUO Hanging Air Fresheners and Odor Eliminators Review

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Review of the Hopkins DUO Hanging Air Fresheners and Odor Eliminators

Duo's Air Freshener System is a dual action patented system that will eliminate those odors and then replace it with something more refreshing. So, the passengers in your car aren't going to be holding their nose, they're going to be taking a deep breath. The design on our air freshener is not just for looks, Duo's patented dual action odor eliminating system has essential oils infused inside of it, one that will eliminate odors and the other that replaces it with a pleasant fragrance. Many of your other air fresheners out there just put a fragrance into your vehicle. So unlike our Duo, where we're eliminating the odor and smelling our fragrance, with the other one, we're smelling a wet dog and linen. Now linen's not the only center available from Duo, you can also get vanilla, fresh Berry, new car and spring.

The freshener is constructed of a scented paper infused with scented oils, attached to an elastic band that can be wrapped around your mirror or anywhere else that you want to hang it inside your vehicle.So, you want to keep all this in mind because those air fresheners you pick up at the gas station aren't going to eliminate any odors, just mask them. When you're ready to use your air fresheners, you'll notice that each one comes individually wrapped, this way the freshness will be held in on your remaining ones while you're using the one that you just opened. To open it you'll see a small notch here at the bottom. We'll just tear down the side and slide our freshener out. We can then hang it around our rear view mirror, and I can already smell the scents radiating in the vehicle..

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