Hopkins GripTrax Traction Plates Review

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Review of the Hopkins GripTrax Traction Plates

Hey guys, today we're going to take a look at Hopkins GripTrax Traction Plates. Now these are going to be a great tool to keep in your vehicle, it's going to get you out of any sticky situations. Whether you're stuck in the snow, mud, sand, anything like that. We're going to take a closer look at them and then we'll take them outside and show you how to use them.Now that we're in close, we can see all of these raised ridges that are on this wedge right here, that's going to help start your tire by getting the grip you need to get onto the traction plate. And then we have the nice raised ridges and valleys that are going to help get all of the elements accumulated on your tire off and they can drain out through all of those holes. We're also going to have these teeth that are on one side of the plates.

Those are, again, going to help with traction on your tire, so your tire has something to grip while it's pulling itself out.Now here in the back side we'll take another close look. We see that we have those teeth double-sided all the way around. That's because the plate needs to have traction as well, it needs to be stuck on the ground. And we can see the back side of the wedge also has those pointed teeth that are going to help keep the plate in place while you're trying to get unstuck. And also, all of these holes are going to make the traction plate a lot easier to clean.

You can just take a hose to it or a power washer or anything like that. Once they've dried, just put them back in your car and they're ready for use the next time.Now you see I've gotten my car stuck. I just can't get myself out of this with no other traction. And you see that my tires just can't get any traction in this muddy and snowy field. But, don't worry, just grab the traction plates and we'll get to work.

So all we're going to do, just take the wedge part and put it under the front part of our tire. We just want to get it nice and snug under there. Just kind of work it's way in, want to just let it be. Now we're going to get back in our car and see if it can pull us out. Now we're back in our vehicle, we'll put it in drive and just take it slow, let the traction plate do it's job.

Well we're not stuck anymore, so now we can grab our traction plate and get back on the road. And that'll do it for a look at Hopkins GripTrax Traction Plates.

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