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InfiniteRule Gen-Y Gooseneck Coupler Hitch Lock Review

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Review of the InfiniteRule Gen-Y Gooseneck Coupler Hitch Lock

Hey everybody, welcome to I'm Bobby, and today we're taking a look at the InfiniteRule Hitch Lock for Gen-Y Gooseneck Couplers for four inch round tube. Now, as you guys can see here today, we don't actually have a way of securing our coupler right now, and if anybody wanted to, all they had to do, back off these bolts, make them walk themselves away with a really nice Pegasus coupler. So we really don't want that to happen, we wanna go ahead and secure it, and the InfiniteRule is gonna allow you to do that. Now, this stainless steel construction is gonna be great, you're gonna know it's gonna be lasting it for you for a long time, it's gonna be resistant to that corrosion, which is actually kind of a big thing, if you guys can see right here on the inside, we just have a little natural corrosion, 'cause this is on the outside all the time in the weather, so you're gonna have a little rust trip. that's gonna happen on it, nice that this is gonna be resisting that, and that rust that's gonna be coming from our other mechanisms, isn't gonna be spreading on our hitch lock.

So all we have to do is of course, make sure we have the proper height adjustment that we want our coupler to be at, and then all we have to do is insert it on the other side and walk it in just like so, getting it into position, and then simply inserting it here, and actually turning our key. I like holding the back of it sometimes, but really, you just really have to kinda get it started, and once you get it started, becomes really easy to tighten this on. Now, one thing I will say about using these keys, if you have a really big key ring, it might be better just to keep these keys unattached, this is kinda hard to spin a lot of keys right here. But all we have to do is simply back that off just a little bit here, and make sure we are nice and secure. That's not gonna be coming undone, you can go ahead and replace our dust cap, and there we are, nobody's gonna be messing with our coupler.

What's great about this, it has been trusted by a third party system according to Gen-Y that's gone ahead and said it has a 42,000 pounds sheer force. Now, that's excellent, nobody's gonna be able to put enough pressure on this thing to actually bust it off. Now, of course, with any lock though, it's honestly just keeping honest people honest, if somebody really wants your stuff, they can get to it, but I think this is really gonna pose a serious challenge to people, InfiniteRule does a great job manufacturing locks, and it is gonna take people a long time to get through this thing. Overall, I really like this hitch lock, it's gonna do a great job of making sure that my coupler can't be seized and moved, and of course, this is a pretty penny, so we wanna go ahead and protect it. And I like how it also is made in the USA, always great to see manufacturing here, and again, that stainless steel is gonna be great.

We are having this in a lot of that weather, you can already see we have a little bit of rust already inside our gooseneck here, so that's gonna be awesome to go ahead and really make sure that we're not having that rust away and be worthless in time. So it's gonna be holding strong and durable for the years to come, which is great. Now, the one thing I would say, grab yourself a gooseneck coupler lock here as well. We wanna go ahead and make sure nobody can just hook up to here and take our entire trailer away, so that's probably gonna be the next investment I would probably make to make sure that nobody can take my goods. Otherwise guys, I think that's gonna do it for our look at the InfiniteRule Hitch Lock for gooseneck couplers with four inch steel tube.

I'm Bobby, thank you for watching..

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