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InfiniteRule B and W Tow and Stow Ball Mount Locking Pins Review

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Review of the InfiniteRule B and W Tow and Stow Ball Mount Locking Pins

Hey everybody, how's it going Today, we're gonna be going over and showing you how to install the InfiniteRule locking hitch pin set for B&W tow and stow 10K and 14K ball mounts. So here's our locking hitch pin set looks like installed on our vehicle and the tow and stow ball mount. Now, in our case here, we're gonna get a total of four pins. We have three longer pins, one shorter pin. One of the longer pins is going to lock the hitch ball to the ball platform. We're gonna have two more locking pins that we're gonna lock the ball platform to the shank.

And then finally, one that locks the shank to the trailer hitch receiver. So in my mind, locking hitch pins are a must have for an adjustable ball mount. And the reason for this is, is simply cost these ball mounts, the adjustable ones are simply not cheap. They're gonna cost you a couple hundred dollars for even some of the bottom of the barrel options. Some of the more higher tier options could cost more than that, such as the B&W Tow and Stow, and something that more than likely we're gonna be leaving on our vehicle.

We don't necessarily wanna take the ball mount off everyday. A lot of guys with trucks actually just leave the ball mounts on, especially if you're towing frequently. Therefore, you don't wanna have to worry about someone coming up and stealing a several hundred dollar ball mount off your vehicle. That's gonna make a bad day for anyone. The locking hitch pin set here is gonna take all of that worry off our minds.

We can comfortably leave our ball mount attached to our truck here without having to worry about anyone running off with it. So I would like to point out that the B&W Tow and Stow doesn't actually come with a hitch pin. So you're gonna need to get a hitch pin lock regardless. And it just simply makes sense to purchase a set here for all the different components of your ball mount because you can actually separate the hitch balls from the ball platform and then the ball platform to the shank. Hence the need for four separate locks.

We have a lock here. That's gonna lock each of the component of this hitch on the vehicle. So you don't have to worry about theft in any manner here. They cannot steal the hitch balls. They can't steal the ball platform and they can't steal the shank. So everything is gonna be locking into one convenient package here, offering total and full security. So one thing I would like to point out in regards to compatibility, for starters, this locking pin set is gonna be designed for the 10 and 14K ball mount capacities. Now luckily, this locking pin set here due to the longer hitch pin is gonna accommodate both the 2-inch and the 2-1/2 inch trailer hitch receivers. In fact, although we do have a 2-inch ball mount, we actually have an adapter sleeve because this is in fact a 2-1/2 inch trailer hitch receiver. So you can see here, the hitch pin is plenty long enough for that. And that is a big issue for a lot of locking hitch pins that are designed for two inches, which is the most common is that they don't fit 2-1/2 inches as well. Even though the actual diameter of the hitch pin is the same. Therefore, this locking pin set is gonna have you covered no matter the size of the trailer hitch here on your truck. So if you've ever had a locking hitch pin on your vehicle and you've left it there for an extended period of time, one valid concern is the lock core seizing up and ended up having to cut them off in order to get your accessory off. Now there's a lot of locking hitch pins on the market here. And some of them simply that's gonna be the end result because they just don't keep out water and dust and corrosion well. Therefore, what happens Water, rust gets inside the lock core here and it prevents you from either inserting the key or operating the mechanism. Usually in most cases, you have to cut those off, but I'm gonna go ahead and say this now, these InfiniteRule locking hitch pin set, these are some of the best on the market, bar none. They're all made entirely of stainless steel and they also have great weather protection. At the top here, you can see, we have our dust cap that has a nice and tight seal here over the actual lock core. So that's gonna prevent any water, any moisture, dirt, debris from getting inside there and preventing you from inserting your key. But if we take a step further and look a little bit more closer, go ahead and remove this here by simply turning the key, we'll show you actually inside the lock core. So we have protection from any foreign objects getting in there and preventing us from inserting our key. But another big thing is act the actual lock core seizing up due to water or moisture getting inside. But if we take a look on the pin here, you can see that orange rubber o-ring. So that o-ring is gonna prevent water from getting in from the pin side into the lock core. So there's really no way that water, dirt and debris can get inside this lock core and seize it up. You're gonna be protected both ways there. So you're not gonna have to worry about having to cut your pins off to get your accessory off the vehicle. And in my mind, that's one of the major selling points of this locking kit here is just simply the quality of the hitch pins that come with. So in addition to our four locking pins, we're also gonna get four keys that come with our kit, which is really nice. We have a ton of extras. I would however say, I would write down that key number if I we're you guys, because that's gonna be used for replacement should we happen to lose all of them. They're not always printed onto the face of a lock core. If you could see these actually aren't. So I do recommend writing down your key number in case you do need replacements. This brings me to my next point. We do have four keys here. And any one of these can operate each of these locks, because they're all keyed the same. Therefore, we don't have to worry about carrying different keys for each of these locks here. One of these keys will be able to operate each of those, because again, everything is keyed alike. It's a nice added feature to have. You don't have to carry around near as many keys. So here's that number etched on to the key here. Now keep in mind, each of these are gonna be keyed unique. So not every one, two is gonna retain the same key number. Therefore, you need to write that down for a placement later down the road, or you don't have to worry about someone being able to look at your lock core here, getting the key number, and ordering the keys. That's actually a big problem with a lot of other manufacturing locks is that they actually print the key number onto your lock core. Therefore, if somebody actually knows about that, they could take that key number from your lock core, order the keys and unlock it. With the number being printed on the key here, you don't have to worry about that, just make sure you keep your keys and the key number safe and secure. So I don't wanna dig too deep into all of the numbers and the specs and dimensions. I will, however say, that all of our pins have a 5/8 inch diameter. Three of them are gonna be longer than the others. That's perfectly fine. Now in regards to the shear strength rating of the pins, that's gonna be 42,000 pounds. Therefore, we're gonna have no issues whatsoever of those pins failing. So definitely nothing to worry about. I'd also like to point out that our locking hitch pins are made right here in the USA. So to start our installation today, we need to grab the smaller of the four hitch pins that come in your kit here. I'll hold up the larger one, just as a comparison. And you can see, one is noticeably shorter than the other three. So this is the one that's gonna attach the ball mount to the receiver tube here on our truck. So we're gonna be installing this one first. We're simply gonna take one of our keys here, place it inside the lock core, and then we're going to hold the key and spin the shaft like so, and then the lock core will come off. Then we'll take the hitch pin, line up the ball mount with the receiver pin hole and simply insert it through just like so. You may need to maneuver your ball mount a little bit to get everything to line up. Once we have the hitch pin inserted all the way through the receiver tube, we'll take the locking into here and we'll simply spin it onto place, securing it to the pin. If you hold the key and turn from the other side, it makes things a little bit easier. So we'll do that until it stops and it's nice and tight, then you'll have to maneuver your key out a little bit, just like that. Sometimes it can be kinda hard to get that out and then just simply place the dust cap over the lock core knob. And that's it for security ball mount to the trailer hitch. Next, we're gonna be replacing the pin here that holds our hitch ball to the ball platform. So we're gonna take any of the three longer hitch pins that come in our kit here, insert the key, repeat the same process, hold the key, spin the pin, get that ready. Now we'll remove one of the clips here. That's gonna remove the pin and our ball mount will be able to move back and forth and rotate if you will. So keep that in mind. So go ahead, make sure we have the correct size hitch ball selected, depending on what ball mount you have. So it's a nice tight fit in there. Once we have the pin inserted all the way through, do the same thing we did with the hitch pin, place it over the lock core, spin the pin while you're holding the keys steady. So it's tight. Pull the keys out and then place the dust cap over the pin. Now, once more, we'll grab another pin here insert the key, remove the lock core. And we're gonna pull one of these two pins out here, which hold the ball platform to the shank. So we wanna make sure that we have the correct height adjustment here 'cause once we put the locking pins in, we won't be able to adjust it without taking them back out. So now it'd be a good time to make sure you have the correct adjustment here for the rise and drop of the ball mount because these B&W Tow and Stows are adjustable so we can move the ball platform up and down on the shank here to get the correct rise and drop for our trailer. But now we'll just simply place the pin like so. I will say these pins are a pretty tight fit in all of these holes. The tolerances are definitely nice and tight. So sometimes it can take a little bit of force to get them in. You can see here, the stickers actually peeling back a little bit and that's totally fine. If you want, you can actually just peel that the rest of the way off to help you inserting it. But what I found is if we just kinda lift up on the hitch ball here and then move it back and forth, you can usually get them in there without any tools. Maybe hit it with the palm of your hand a little bit. Like I said, they are a tight fit, but they do fit in there nice and good once you do have them in. So this one, I am struggling with a little bit. I think that sticker is kinda binding up on there. So what we're gonna do here, I'm just gonna take one of the pins I removed, take the interior, just hit it on that. There we go, nice and through like so. We didn't miss, so we didn't hit up our ball mount or anything or damage the finish. But then, we'll take the locking core to that pin there. And since this one's a pretty tight fit, we're going to spin it with the key here to secure it on there. Get that nice and tight, remove the key, and then place the cover over. And now we have one more. We should only have one of the longer pins left. So again, pretty much just repeating this same process here. Let's see how tight this one is. See how they do hang up on that sticker a little bit. So I would actually just go ahead and peel that off for the two that hold the ball platform to the shank. Those seem to be giving us a little bit of trouble. You don't need that sticker there. Rotate it a little bit, take your other pin here, and just hit the ends to place like so. Now again with our locking core here, Now I will say that hitting those pins in the place, we have to do that because the tolerances are very tight, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. We don't want there to be a ton of play there between the pins and the ball platform there. We want everything to be nice and tight because having that tight connection there is gonna prevent rattle. If our pins we're loose in there and they slid in real easily, you're gonna get a lot of movement here in the ball mount with the ball platform rattling up and down as you go over bumps. So it's definitely not a bad thing at all to have a little bit more forced to apply those pins. It's actually a sign of quality 'cause the tolerances are nice and tight, so not a bad thing at all. It just takes a little bit more force and what you can see there in, there nice and sturdy. And that's gonna do it today for our look and installation of the InfiniteRule locking hitch pin set for B&W Tow and Stow 10K and 14K ball mounts..

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