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Inno Aero Light 4 Bike Rack Review

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Review of the Inno Aero Light 4 Bike Rack

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the INNO Aero Light Four Bike Rack for inch and a quarter and two inch hitches. It's going to be part number INH640. Our Aero Light's going to be a nice sturdy bike rack that's going to allow us to carry up to four bikes on the back of our vehicle. It is a hanging solid bike rack, the thing that's going to promote very good ground clearance, but it's still going to have a very secure grip on all of our bikes. The Aero Light is going to accept a wide variety of different kinds of bikes, but keep in mind, just so we can get all of them in place without having to worry about too much contact, and so that they're nice and level, we may need to use an adapter bar like we have here. We have a wide variety of those available at

There is an integrated cable lock that's going to come up in the back of the mast, and then tie in right here so we can make sure all our bikes are nice and secure whenever we're going down the road.The metal lock core is going to have a little cover right here, we can simply just slide it upward and give us access to unlock the lock. And then, you feed it into the back of the mast when we're not using it. We went ahead and unloaded our bikes so we can take a closer look and show off some of the features. The way the bikes are going to be held to our bike rack is going to be at three points of contact. We're going to have two on the cross tube, and we're going to have one on the vertical tube, keeping the bikes from swaying back and forth too much.

The cradles are going to have a nice rubber coating, it's going to make sure that we don't scratch our bike, and that it has a nice firm grip. On top of that, we're gonna have these ratcheting strips, they're going to hold our bikes securely. We can take them all the way out and then just insert them in, and ratchet them down until the bike is nice and secure.The nice thing about these anti-sway cradles is when we go to unload or load our bikes, we can actually fold them all the way in, making it a lot easier to slide our bike on without having to contend with fighting our frame getting it over that. And the cradles on the tube here are going to be adjustable, so if we need a little bit of extra room between our bikes, we can slide them back or forward, getting that perfect position, making it easier to get all of our bikes in place. There is a groove in each one of our cradles, and that's to allow room for our cables to go through, so we don't have to worry about smashing.

Whenever we're not carrying our bikes, or our bike rack isn't loaded at all, you can actually come to this lever here at the center of the mast, and if you pull down you can rotate the arms down, and we'll hear that audible click locking into place, as you can see it's going to save quite a bit of room.With our arms folded down, we do have the option to actually tilt our bike rack away so we can get into our cargo area. If you come to this lever right here at the bottom of the mast, we press down, you can rotate the mast down, which will give us plenty of room to get anything in or out that we may need. Just keep in mind, that you do only want to do this when the bikes are not loaded on the bike rack.A few measurements to keep in mind, from the center of the hitch pin hole to the closest area on our bike rack, is going to be right about six and a quarter inches. From the center of the hitch pin hole to the outer edge of the arms, it's going to be just over 36 inches. To work with an inch and a quarter by an inch and a quarter receiver tube openings, we are going to have to take the adapter sleeve off.

They do provide us an Allen key, we remove these two bolts, and the sleeve would come off and we'd be able to put it directly into that receiver tube. It's going to come with an anti-rattle bolt, and then it'll go through your hitch. As you can see, with it in place, if I grab this shank on my bike rack, it's going to take all that slop out of there, minimizing any kind of rattle or noise for a nice smooth ride when we're going down the road. And it's going to be nice and secure because it's going to have that lock in place.A similar bike rack to compare to our INNO Aero Light would be Yakima RidgeBack. It is still a hanging bike rack style, but some of the differences include that the Yakima is going to have a little bit higher weight capacity. It's going to have 40 pounds per bike, with a total of 150 pounds on the four bike rack. Now, it is going to be made out of steel with a powder coat finish, which isn't a bad thing, but our Aero Light is going to be rust proof since it is aluminum. As far as security goes, both the Yakima RidgeBack and our Aero Light are going to have hitch locks. But INNO is going to take it a step further and provide you with that integrated cable lock. Our INNO Aero Light's going to be a great choice. It's going to be easy to use, lightweight and durable, all while keeping our bikes secure while we're traveling down the road.Now, we'll go ahead and take our bike rack on our test course so you can see it in action. Here we're going to go through our slalom course, which is going to show you the side to side action. Next, we'll go to our bumps course, this is going to show you the up and down action, simulating hitting a bump, pulling out of your driveway, or going up into a garage. That'll finish up your look at the INNO Aero Light Four Bike Rack for inch and a quarter and two inch hitches, part number INH640.