Inno Aero Light QM 2 Bike Platform Rack Review

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Review of the Inno Aero Light QM 2 Bike Platform Rack

Today we'll be taking a look at the Inno Aero Light QM platform style two bike rack. That part number is IMH330. The Inno Aero Light QM allows you to carry two bikes of varying styles and sizes on the back of your vehicle. The bikes are secured in three locations, the down tube holder with a ratchet strap and the two wheel cradles with ratchet straps. The locking click mount hand knob and pins secure your rack to your hitch while the cable lock secures your bikes to your rack. When you remove the pin at the base of the rack, it allows you to tilt your bike rack away from your vehicle with your bikes fully loaded and in most cases allows you to gain full access into your back hatch area to get anything in our out that you may need. The down tube cradles adjust from side to side and up and down. They also make for easy loading.

Now with our down tube cradles in our lowest position, we're able to tilt our bike rack up against our vehicle. Here on the side we have four different mounting locations, depending on how close your vehicle is to your bike rack, so this will vary depending on your vehicle style. You can have the option to get it closer and more tilted up towards your vehicle or have it tilted away in case it might make contact with your down post. So, we'll just start by removing our pin and we'll fold our bike rack to the appropriate hole setting. With the holes lined up in the appropriate position we can reinsert our pin. This is going to be great for close quarters situations like parking. The bike rack easily folds up when not in use.

Simply remove the pins on either side, fold up the cradle arms and reinsert those pins. The Inno bike rack is made out of a strong, light weight aluminum construction and is adaptable with tire size of a maximum width of two and eleven-sixteenths inches. This bike rack works with both inch and a quarter and two inch hitches and comes with a limited life time warranty. Now that we've gone over some features we'll show you how to get this installed. We're going to start by lifting up our bike rack and inserting it into our hitch. With that lined up, we'll take our hitch pin and we're just going to enter it into our hitch pin hole. We want to make sure that the notch on our hitch pin here is lined up with the notch on our hitch pin hole.

Whenever you have it inserted in you want to rotate it so that is secures into place. Now with this knob at the back we're going to tighten up. This is going to be our anti-rattle device. It's going to keep a lot of shake and play out of the bike rack as we head down the road. Then we'll have that lined up with a hole back here.

We're just going to lock that into place and that's going to help prevent theft and tampering of your bike rack. To put our bike rack into our road ready position, we want to remove the two pins on either side. That allows us to fold down our cradle arms and we'll reinsert our pins just to hold that into place. Undo our straps. So, we'll grab our first bike, place it into our wheel cradles. We'll adjust our down tube strap so that cradle sits around the tube here and we'll secure that strap. To adjust our wheel cradles, we'll loosen up the knob here at the bottom and slide them where we need to go. Then we can tighten that back up and we'll secure our strap. Now we'll repeat that same process for our other bike. Here on our test course we'll start by going through the slalom. This is going to show us the side-to-side action which simulates turning corners or evasive maneuvers. Once we get to the alternating speed bumps we'll see the twisting action. This will simulate hitting a curb or pothole or driving over uneven pavement. Once we get to the full speed bumps we'll see the up and down action. This will be just like driving in and out of a parking lot, garage or driveway. And that's going to be our completed look at the Inno Aero Light QM platform style 2 bike rack, part number IMH330.

Questions and Comments about this Video

Herbert S.

I have several different types of bikes that I ride but I'm seeking a bike rack that will accommodate my electric fat tire bike and another regular fat tire bike. Also when I don't intend to ride or carry the fat tire bikes can the same rack adjust to a road bike and a mountain bike? Plus, I have fenders and a rear stationary rack with saddlebags attached. So far, a rack that attaches to both tires and the downtubes is what I need. I will be attaching the rack to a 2" hitch on my 2007 Suburban and my 1997 Ram Pickup. Can you help me select the correct bike rack for those vehicles?

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

For your application you can use the Saris Freedom # SA4412B-FB or the Yakima OnRamp # Y96FR if you combine it with the Fat Tire Straps # Y23FR . I personally like the OnRamp better because it is easier to load your bikes, it comes with a ramp, and the middle cradles have more adjustability than what comes on the Freedom.