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Inno Hitch Bike Racks Review - 2017 Mazda CX-5

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Review of the Inno Hitch Bike Racks on a 2017 Mazda CX-5

Speaker 1: Today, on our 2017 Mazda CX-5, we're going to be test-fitting the Inno Aero Light four-bike rack for inch-and-a-quarter and two-inch hitches. That's going to be part number INH640. And as you can see, we do have a bike installed, so let's take a look and show off some of the features. Now, if we start out here, we're going to see we have this integrated cable lock system that comes up from the base of our bike rack, wraps around the frames of our bikes, and simply is inserted into that little notch right there. You will get a set of keys with your bike rack. In order to unlock the cable, you would simply slide up this tab right here, insert your key in, unlock your cable, and then you can unload your bikes.These cradles can move side to side, and up and down the bike rack, for any type of spacing needs you might want for your bike rack or any size bike you might have.

The cradles do have a nice thick rubber coat on it, and that's going to help protect the frame of your bike, during installation and travel, from any type of scratches or abrasions. If we look right here, we're going to see that our bike is secured at three different points of contact. We're going to have these two straps on the top frame of our bike that are strapping it into the cradles. Then, right here we're going to have this anti-rattle cradle. Now, once you strap the frame of your bike into that cradle, that's going to prevent the bike from moving at all while you're traveling, thus preventing any bike-to-vehicle contact, or bike-to-bike contact if you have more than one bike installed.If we come up here to the front wheel, we're going to see the strap that we have that's securing our front wheel to the frame of our bike.

Now, this does not come with the bike rack, but you can purchase one separately at For this specific vehicle, we have found that if we don't have this strap on, the front tire can simply turn, and it'll make contact with the rear of our vehicle, so we want to avoid any damage when it comes to that.Now that we've gone over some of those features, we can go ahead and remove the bike. How we're going to do that is we're going to push in on this black tab. Pull the strap out like so. Do that on both sides.

And then our anti-rattle cradle, and before I remove that I do want to point out that I have my anti-rattle cradles for my other bikes folded up currently. They we're folded down, and I folded them straight up like that. That's going to help me avoid any type of hassle when I'm unloading my bike. So then I don't have to pivot around them, I can just take it right off with no contact.Now, once I do that, me personally, I like to replace the straps. Just in case it would happen to fall out, which is very unlikely.

Now, from here I would like to provide you guys with a few measurements. So if we go from the rear of our vehicle to the outermost part of our bike rack, we're going to see we're adding on about 31.5 inches to the rear of our vehicle. As far as ground clearance, we're going to see we have about 11 inches of ground clearance up to here, so that's still plenty of space. Now, from the innermost part of our bike rack to the bumper, we're going to have about 4.5 inches of space right there.Now, one way you can cut down on the space that is added onto the rear of your vehicle, these arms can fold down. How we're going to do that is we're going to come between these two masses right here. We're going to pull down on this latch. Let the arms fold down. And as you can see, our anti-rattle cradles are making contact. So because of that example, I do want to point out that you need to fold them down in order to put down your bike rack. So I'm going to pull that down. And as you can see, they don't make contact. Once you hear that audible latch, you're good to go. And now if we measure again, from the rear of our bumper to the outermost part, we're only adding on about 14.5 inches, which is a pretty big difference from when the arms are folded up. So you do want to keep this in mind for any close quarters situations you might have, such as parking.Now, unlike a lot of hanging-stype bike racks, this one can tilt away from your vehicle to provide you with rear hatch access. How we're going to do that, we're just going to push down on this foot pedal right here. We're going to see it tilt away like so. And now, we can access our rear hatch with very little space taken up from our bike rack. I do want to point out, it's not recommended by the manufacturer to have any bikes installed when you tilt it away. Once you've got what you need, we'll go ahead and close our trunk, and now we just grab the bottom of it, push up til you hear it latch in like that.If we come down here and see how our bike rack is connected to our hitch, we're going to see we have a two-inch receiver on this vehicle. However, if you do have an inch-and-a-quarter size hitch, you can remove this adapter right here from the shank of our bike rack, and it makes it compatible with inch-and-a-quarter hitches. We have an anti-rattle bolt that goes through the hitch receiver. After it goes through the shank, it comes out the other side, and once we tighten that down, that's going to prevent any shaking from occurring on our bike rack during travel.We do have this nice anti-rattle lock on the other side, with a set of keys that comes with that, as a nice security feature for your bike rack. And there you have it for the Inno Aero Light four-bike rack for inch-and-a-quarter and two-inch hitches, on our 2017 Mazda CX-5.