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Inno Wedge 660 Rooftop Cargo Box Review

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Review of the Inno Wedge 660 Rooftop Cargo Box

Today we're going to be showing you the Inno Wedge 660 Rooftop Cargo Box, part number INBRM660BK. The Inno Wedge Cargo Box is a great addition to your vehicle, as it can keep anything you don't want inside out of your vehicle, but also keep it covered from the elements outside. This can carry anything from skis and snowboards to your camping gear. Now, when installing skis or snowboards, you can fit up to six to eight skills, four to six snowboards, or two surfboards. It has a glossy black finish, and an aerodynamic design, which will cut down on wind noise and drag. The box comes with locks on both sides, to ensure everything inside is nice and and secure while you travel, and when it's in the unlocked position, the key will not come out, to reduce the chance of losing them while you're loading. Now, to open the box, once again, we need to put it in the unlocked position and push this button on the side. Lift up on the handle, and you can see that we have 11 cubic feet of space inside to store all of our items, which is quite a bit of space.

It comes with these straps, to secure your cargo into place. Go ahead and unbuckle those, take our cargo out, and show off some of the other features. Now, to make it easier to get them out of here, we also have hooks up at the top here, to hang our straps. Now, when you're ready to load it, this is how you normally have it. The straps hanging up, waiting to put anything inside. The straps actually loop around your memory mounts.

Now, one of the more unique features about this cargo box, is its memory mount system. The feet pop out like so, and these claws actually latch around your roof rack system. It's adjusted with this grey knob. Once you get it adjusted to this particular roof rack, you don't have to readjust it again. Just pop them in and latch them into place. It's constructed from a durable ABS plastic which actually is scratch and dent resistant, as well as UV ray resistant.

Now, another great feature about this, is it can be opened from both the passenger and the driver's side, which is kind of an advantage, because if you want to put it more towards the passenger's side or more towards the driver's side, to fit other things on your roof rack, you can, and have a little bit more of an advantage on which side you load from. The wedge is also adjustable to accommodate anything from your antenna to your rear hatch to make sure it doesn't make contact. Now that we've gone over some of the features of the Inno Wedge, let's show you how it actually installs on your vehicle. Now, when you get it out of the box, it essentially comes put together. However, using the keys here, we'll open up the one side, show you some of the other components. It also comes with a set of straps to tie down your cargo, as well as all four feet to attach it to your vehicle.

Go ahead and take those out, and we'll set our box on top of our roof rack. Okay, let's go ahead and set it up there. Go ahead and get it as straight as possible. Then after that, you want to determine how far back or how far forward you want your cargo box to set. Another factor in the placement is making sure where the actual memory mounts will come down, that they can come down on both sides comfortably, and actually grip around your cross bars. It looks like we're okay on that end, however, we do make slight contact with the antenna back here, so we're going to go ahead and remove that, so we can actually move this back a little more and still not come in contact with our hatch. Now, this won't be the case for all vehicles, just happened in this instance. Now that we've got the box where we want it, we're going to go ahead and unlock it, put the button in, lift up the lid, then we'll go ahead and install our memory mounts. Go ahead and set it into this channel here. That'll grip around it, and we'll start tightening it down. With it in place, we'll go ahead and start to figure out exactly how tight it needs to be. That's a little too tight. Just a little bit of trial and error. Now it's tightened down, we can repeat the same process for the other memory mounts. Now, with the memory mounts on the passenger side installed and ready, we can go ahead and lock it up. The advantage of this opening on both sides is, when you install these memory mounts, or the feet, you can actually go to the other side, pop it open, and install them with a little more ease, as opposed to trying to reach up and over to get them installed. Next, we'll go ahead and install our straps. Now, how to do this, you're going to see these little loops here on the memory mounts. The straps are going to fit through there. Just go ahead and feed it through. Then we'll feed it through the other side. Pull it tight. All right, now we'll repeat this process for the front one. Let's go ahead and load up our buckle here, going in 00:05:11 on the other side, going through the other. Then, we'll go ahead and unbuckle it, like so. Our next step, is we're going to install the belt hooks on the inside of the top lid, and this will actually hang in that hook, so when you actually load stuff in, the straps themselves will already be open, and you'll be able to just take it off the hook and tighten down immediately. All right, now here are our hooks, kind of small. There's a little bit of an adhesive strip on the back, we'll just peel off the cover, stick it, relatively, right above where that strip would be up at the top. Now, it's a good rule of thumb here, to actually keep this where it is for 24 hours without attaching a strap to it, just so we'll have better adhesion. Go ahead and take our second one and put it into place. Strap's right about here, keep it in line. Press it into place. Now, we'll go ahead and take our gear, set it inside the cargo box, so we have that in where we want it, and we'll unhook it, take our straps, connect them up and cinch them down. All right, then we can close it up, lock it up, take out the key, and we're ready to go. There you have it for the Inno Wedge 660 Rooftop Cargo Box, part number INBRM660BK.

Jim C.


Inno Wedge Warranty? Traveling highway in high winds, Nevada. Wind destroyed hinges, I recovered some items but lost 1500.00 in cycling gear. Enno is completely destroyed. What of any is the Warranty?

Etrailer Expert

David B.


Dude that sucks! The Inno Wedge 660 Rooftop Cargo Box - 11 cu ft - Gloss Black # INBRM660BK has a limited lifetime warranty. So I would 100% call and talk to Inno and see about the warranty. Let me know how it goes Jim. If you need anything else let me know, I'll be here to help.

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