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Jensen LED RV TV Review

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Review of the Jensen LED RV TV

Hey, guys. It's Jake here with eTrailer. Today we have a Jensen 00:00:03 32 inch RV television. We're going to be taking a look and I'll show you some of the features on it. It's going to make it great and make your experience in your RV while camping more enjoyable.Your TV is going to measure 32 inches from corner to corner. It's not going to be across, so that's going to be your measurement that you'll need to take if you need to see how big a TV's going to fit in the space in your RV or camper.You might be wondering, what makes this TV an RV TV It's going to be vibration tested, so it's going to be fine when you're traveling down the road, and it's inside your camper.

It's also going to be tested for various types of temperatures, so if your camper is sitting at home during the winter or the summer months, it's going to be okay staying inside your camper.Something else to consider is power. There's two different types of power that these TVs can run off of. This particular TV will only run off of a hundred and ten volt, so when you're plugged in to power, you can operate your TV. If you do a lot of boondocking or if you stay over quite frequently on your trip in parking lots, then you want to be able to watch TV based off just your battery power, you're going to have to pick up a 12 volt TV. Then you'll be able to operate your TV during those times.The TV's going to come with an operation manual, so you know how to use it if you we're to have an issue.

It's also going to come with a remote and video RCA cables to plug into your accessories. In addition to your remote, you are going to all your control buttons on the bottom. If you we're to lose your remote or if your batteries die while you're out, you can still control your TV.Here you'll see you'll have three HDMI hook-ups, a USB connection, an antenna connection, and a VGA connection. In addition to that, you will have other video source inputs on the bottom for any source you might want to use.On the back of the TV you'll also notice, it does have a wall-mount option. It's going to be your standard VESA 00:02:07 mount.

This allows you to attach it to a bracket. Whether you want a swivel mount or a fixed mount, we do have plenty here at eTrailer to choose from.All in all, I think this is going to be a really good TV. With that 32 inch size, it's not going to be too big or too small picture wise. It's going to work great in any room in your RV or camper. It's also going to work great outside for tailgates.

If you have a mount on the outside of your trailer, you can easily pick it up and move it to the outside.With all that being said, that's going to do it for our look at the Jensen 32 inch television.