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JR Products Quick Disconnect Propane Hose Review

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Review of the JR Products Quick Disconnect Propane Hose

Hey everybody. Today, we're gonna be going over and showing you how to install the JR Products Propane Hose with quick disconnect fittings. So the main use for our quick disconnect hose, so it can be used for several different things. There really isn't any limitations. It just needs to have the correct quick disconnect fittings which are standardized for the RV propane industry. But I would say the most prevalent use for this hose here is gonna be to hook up an outdoor grill or griddle top that we have here to the quick disconnect port on our trailer.

Now, I do want to preface this by saying, we're gonna run into an issue with a lot of stove tops and grills because they're gonna have an integrated regulator. Most of them are just designed to screw on a little one pound propane bottle. Therefore, we can't actually plug it into the trailer's quick disconnect port because that's already regulated. But there are some stoves and grills out there which don't have a built-in regulator, and in which case, yes, we could just plug them into the quick disconnect for on the trailer. This particular griddle top here doesn't have a built-in regulator.

Therefore we can utilize this and hook it straight up to our trailer. In order to do that, we're gonna take our hose here. We're gonna take the female end. We're gonna come around back to the griddle and plug it in. In order to install our hose, we'll simply pull back the collar, we'll press over the fitting and now it's locked in place.

So now we'll take the other end of our hose here. And now, granted, this is gonna vary a little bit depending on where the actual quick disconnect port on your trailer is. If you have an outdoor kitchen which is what's behind this door here, chances are it's gonna be in this area. Ours is actually underneath here mounted to the frame. So here we have our port.

Simply pull off the plug and, again, pull back the collar press to lock it in. There we go. So then our last step would obviously be to turn on the valve here to allow propane to enter our griddle here, and then we can get started. Keep in mind, we do offer different lengths of this hose here, depending on where we need our griddle. And that's gonna do it today for our look and installation of the JR Products Propane Hose with quick disconnect fittings..

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